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s c alive i was once jones

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Once I Was Alive - S C Jones
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[Image: _98529def7b57f3c2bb137f8071f77d2d.jpeg]
epub | 316.7 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B6LHYXV8 | Author: S.C Jones | Year: 2022


Quote:She wants to die, and he wants to live. The only problem is she doesn't know he's dying.

Death is a dark shadow that looms over all of us. He watches you as you sleep. Waits for you in dark alleyways ready to pounce the moment you make a wrong turn. He stands on the opposite side of the street when you don't look both ways. He even sits next to you waiting for that moment the light turns red and you look away.
He's everywhere.
So why won't he come for me?
Some would say death is a coward's way out. That maybe things are not as bad as it seems and I'm only looking for attention. But what people with perfect lives, perfect families, and perfect friends don't see, is other people's problems. They don't notice someone who's not as perfect as them. They don't see anything beyond what their perfect lives don't accept.
I stood on the roof that day ready to die, but as usual life threw me a curveball. Upon seeing me standing on the edge of my school's roof, this mysterious man does everything in his power to help me understand that my life is worth a lot more than I imagine. I don't know him, but after learning his name as a parting goodbye, I quickly discover the impossible truth behind his appearance on the roof that day. Our destinies are intertwined in more ways than one, the only problem is which destiny do I follow when one of them is real and the other is inside my head.

Category:Teen & Young Adult eBooks, Contemporary Women's Fiction, Women's Romance Fiction



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