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to nigerian ipi solutions first company becomes provide gdpr compliance

Ipi Solutions Becomes First Nigerian Company To Provide Gdpr Compliance

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, IPI Solutions, recently provided General Data Protection Regulation ,GDPR, compliance to two firms in the country, making it the first indigenous company to do so in Nigeria.

This is on the heels of developments surrounding the implementation of the new GDPR regulation.
It is also in line with the mandate given to organisations for commencement of immediate actions to ensure compliance.

The CTO of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Mr. Aliyu Garba said the company was able to structure precise strategies and implement inbuilt measures that would by default cut across all spectrums required to ensure that strong privacy rights and data are protected and breaches also reported.

This was done being mindful of the lengthy and complex requirements needed to attain the required standard.

He said: ”In the wake of the most recent events and developments surrounding implementation of the new GDPR regulation, organisations were not only taken unaware by the said statute but also mandated to initiate immediate actions to ensure compliance.

“Forming part of the major sectors and/or organisations to have been blown and engrossed with the unprecedented burden of aptly responding to the regulation amongst others were primarily legal firms (particularly those having clienteles who are EU members) due to the nature of their business and operational activities which essentially features processing and managing sensitive data and information of clients, most of which are also personal.

“Consequent to attaining the said compliance, two leading indigenous law firms by solely utilizing the technical aids (cloud solutions, consultations and support) both initiated and implemented by IPI Solutions Nigeria Ltd (A 1-Tier Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider) were able to attain the required standard for compliance.
“IPI Solutions as we know is one of the foremost leading 1-Tier Microsoft CSP Partner within the country that have overtime proven their expertise in proffering peculiar technological business solution across all sectors they cover.

“Validating their innovative approach and degree of technological expertise have been the numerous consistent recognition and awards received from credible international bodies.

Examples of which are the IQS Awards Gold Category In Business Prestige And Business Excellence, Innovative Award of Excellence in ICT System Integration, Disaster Recovery And Enterprise Management just to mention a few.

“Precisely, part of the measures engaged were:
“Improved data policies and processes to support data subject rights and ensure lawful processing.
“Tighter controls to manage and protect personal data.

“Better governance tools for better transparency, record keeping and reporting. IPI Solutions was able to significantly simplify the whole process for both firms by simply utilizing one of their numerous Microsoft cloud solutions (Office 365).

“The cloud solution in question he said comes along with a Compliance Manager tool which helps to centralize the whole compliance management process and also proffers real time assessment.

“With the compliance process being a two-way trail between both parties (Microsoft and IT Administrator) sharing respective responsibilities, the compliance manager helps indicate how Microsoft meets its responsibilities and also what is required to be done by the second party (IT Administrator) to attain the required compliance standard.

Furthermore, the tool also enables the ability to modify the dashboard to reflect only regulations applicable to the organization respectively.

“With this feature, both firms were availed with the opportunity to be in the loop at all times regarding the necessary actions that would be taken to ensure compliance sustainability and even goes further to proffer suitable avenues upon which pre audits can be prepared.

Affirming this was the success both clients recorded in the recent audit assessment they undertook with international company Mobile.

“As data security and privacy, specific tools aiding identity and access management were initiated to enable the protection of information both at the identity and documentation level. Also inclusive were tools to help identify threats and ensure for an apt recovery if there be any case of attack.

“By strategically employing all these measures, we were able to assist both firms in overcoming the complex challenge of attaining GDPR compliance. In the process, saving them strategic partnerships, possible breaches and funds that would have been otherwise lost as a result of being non-complaint. Currently as we speak, the two law firms in question are completely GDPR complaint.”


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