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to with real making introduction money 1 cpa part

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Introduction To Making Real Money With Cpa Part:1
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Hmm cpa i will be talking about making real money with cpa.


Am isreal i got to know about cpa after blogmr shutdown @flexible knew that blogmr era, then in blogmr we (flexible nd i) do compete for king of blogmr lolzzz that was funny then but after blogmr closed down we all left child's play to face our real calling in life flexible when on to create this honourable forum wapforum and i went to learn how to make money using blackhat method which i learned different methods using cpa with instagram (generally called im) cpa + content lockers i learned how to rank fast using pbn, gsa blasts and cloakers, how to spam effectively (oga flexible no worry i wont spam this forum) i learnt that adsence is the smallest way to making money


So far have made over $250 you will be wondering ''empezy with all the tricks you know na only 250 dollars you don make'' my guys dont worry am still in the practical stage of my knowledge testing methods.


cpa and content lockers let me tell you how it works you register for a cpa site you get an offer you promote it by locking your blog content ( am sure this method will work effectively for all blogs) and you tell the visitors to unlock the content they the visitors click on the content locker it directs them to a landing page you put a return link to your real post and the offer if the visitor click on the offer it does not matter you still gain...

I don tire i will continue part 2 tomorrow there i will give you the best cpa networks to join and guides to make you money its time to stop being oppressed by the so called naija gurus they suck

i still recall the blogmr you mention
does day was so rugged

Hmmmm. $500

@kharlm☆ please convert it to naira and tell me the value


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