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My Ex-girlfriend Has Become Best Friends With My Current Girlfriend
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Experienced and tested advice needed please.
I used to have a perfect relationship with a sister, every every worked well, until she began to keep too many male friends and they wouldn't stop asking her out.

I made her understand I wasn't comfortable with it, even if she claimed she was doing nothing with any of them, and truly I never did catch her but her chats with them will give anybody a different idea. They visited at will (and randomly cos it isn't just one guy) and will stay in closed doors 'gisting like she calls it'.

Well, I had to find a way out of the mess she was doing to my heart, so I broke up with her.

Twas really hard for her to get over me, and bla bla bla... She did try to get me back anyway, but I just couldn't bring myself back.

Fast forward...
I have another beauty now, and we've gotten along fine together. She is Meek, and this means she could be good to anyone, and anyone could be her friend...
She knows about my ex. initially, twas hatred my ex displayed for her, but now...

A day came and my ex came to my house to tell me, she's tried her best to get over me, and I couldn't help her heal, she's going to help herself and find a way to revenge.

Lately, she's almost always with my gf currently, she wants to go where my gf is going... Always in her room... In fact always with her. Somehow, I feel unsafe with it.

I've told my gf I don't like it like it, but I can't do more than that. Any good advice can help me right now.


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