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Who Are Scammers And How To Detect And Prevent Them
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According to My Oxford Dictionary:
Scam is a Fraudulent deal which means
Making money in a deceitful way or manipulative way.

Also, what Nigerians call scam or a scammer is someone who takes their money and fail to deliver the previous agreed deal.
Lets Rewind This To Blogging World?

I @flexible as a Front-End Developer, Someone Come Across Some Of my Themes on google, he luckily got my contact, he chatted me up, and request a business from me.

I Build the work for him, Then I request for money, from that day havent see him.
Just ask me how much??, Just 7k.

In Nigeria, Especially This Xmas time, Just believed that they will be a bunch of hungry scammers around, it might be either business like Bitcoins, Goods & services etc.

They will promise heaven on it, But just give them the goods, They will disappear.

How To Identify And Prevent Scammers
1. Scammers don't write it on their forehead, You will have to detect them yourself, First when dealing business with some one, E.g you want to buy Bitcoins, Don't ever send money first.
If you try to send money before goods, Na You Sabi o.

2. Secondly, If he/she insists that you must send money before goods, Fine
Just check maybe he have a big brand, For example , Someone like me will never scam , Unless I want to ruin my name and The Brand (Wapforum).
Yeah, Check if he has something similar.

3. Scammers are sometimes cunny, But you Try to be Tortise, Post on his timeline and ask if he's real or fake.
From there you will know the status of his reputation.

I don't type much, But a word is totally enough for a wiseman that is wise (Thats my mum proverb, when he lectures me sometimes)

Try to be smart, Don't let one Useless guy swap your brain and hustle.

We shall make it This Year
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You are right,

Nice one bro, keep it up

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