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to ways save money

Ways To Save Money

Saving money is great. Saving lots of money is even better. Knowing how to save lots of money can be a challenge.

Thankfully, you’ve stumbled upon this post, which lists over 200 hundred ways to save money on just about everything. I hope you find it helpful.

Install a programmable thermostat.
Insulate your attic.
Turn off the lights in rooms you are no longer using.
Don’t turn on the heat/air conditioning until you just can’t take it anymore.
Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
Take quick showers.
Install low-flow toilets.
Use white curtains/blinds to reflect heat away from your home in the summer.
Use a de-humidifier to reduce moisture in your home and make it feel cooler.
Install an energy-efficient dishwasher.
Clean out the lint trap in your dryer.
Install an energy-efficient washer and dryer.
Install CFL light bulbs.
Use ceiling fans, floor fans and space heaters.
Turn the oven off during the last few minutes of cooking. There’s still enough heat in there to keep stuff cooking.
Cook in batches. Only use the oven once per day, or less.
Use your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer at non-peak hours.
Use cold water when you run the washing machine.
Use a toaster oven for baking small meals.
Install a low-flow shower head.
Line-dry your clothing.
Use a slow cooker.
Unplug appliances that are not in use.
Insulate hot water heater/pipes.
During the winter months, leave your oven door open when you are done using it to help heat your house. Don’t do this if you have small children around.
Fill empty spots in your fridge and freezer with jugs of water. This saves on operating costs.
Clean refrigerator coils a few times per year.
Use power strips.
Caulk around doors, windows and baseboards.
Install weather stripping.
Install storm windows and doors.
Only run full loads (laundry machine, dishwasher).

Close the vents in rooms you are not using.
Open your windows for fresh air.
Air-dry your dishes.
If you must use sprinklers for your lawn, use timers.
Wear clothing twice before washing, unless they are very dirty.
Wash hoodies/sweatshirts a few times per month, unless they are very dirty.
Use coupons.
Make your own cleaning products.
Shop once a week and with a list.
Stock up when things go on sale.
Save your receipts. Watch store sales a week or two after you shop and get a price adjustment when able.
Carry a small calculator in your bag.
If you purchase a product that is defective in some way, contact the manufacturer. They will likely send coupons, sometimes for a FREE product. (Please don’t abuse this.)
Send away for mail-n rebates.
Use cloth napkins.
Cut dryer sheets in half.
Make your own jam.
Use hair conditioner as shaving cream.
Add water to your hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap to make it last longer.
Clean windows with newspaper instead of paper towels.
Make double of a few of your favourite meals, then freeze half for the nights you don’t have the energy to cook.
Cut dish detergent tabs in half.
Understand price matching and scanning code of practice.
Quit using fabric softener all together, you don’t need it.
Use plastic containers instead of plastic bags for storing leftovers.
While shopping, look at the top and bottom shelves. This is usually where clearance items end up.
You can also find clearance items on the very ends of aisles, farthest away from the flow of traffic (also known as endcaps).
When it comes to buying dairy, meat and produce, pick the items at the back. Older items are moved to the front, and the items in back are often fresher.
Ask for a raincheck if a store is out of an advertised special.
Chop, slice and shred foods yourself.
Bring your lunch to work.
Eat at home.
Make your own pizza.
Don’t buy bottled water (use a filter).
Stop wasting fruit. When your fruit is ripe, if you know you wont be able to eat it all before it goes bad, pop it in the freezer and use it later in fruit drinks and smoothies.
Use powdered milk for cooking.
Use a dish towel instead of paper towels.
Use half of the recommended laundry detergent.
Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store to avoid paying for plastic ones.
Buy produce in season.
Make your own bread.
Cook from scratch.
Make your own coffee.
Shop at local farmers’ markets.
Buy store brands.
Plan meals according to what is on sale.
Eat less meat.
Make your own baby food.
Grow your own produce and herbs.
Make your own chicken broth.
Walk whenever possible.
Use public transportation.
Get your oil changed every 4 months instead of 3 (if you don’t drive often).
Combine errands.
Wash your own car.
Fill your vehicles’ tires with air.
Pay a higher deductible on your insurance.
Remove anything unnecessary from the trunk. The more weight that’s in your trunk, the more fuel you are using.
Buy a fuel efficient car.
Keep up with routine car maintenance.
Use your air conditioner on the highway and roll down the windows on the main roads.
Use cruise control.
Replace dirty air filters in your vehicles.
Don’t warm up your car by letting it idle.
Park in the shade.
Do not accelerate or drive fast.
Buy a used vehicle instead of new.
Pay for gas at the pump, to avoid temptations in the store.
Borrow books, movies, and CDs from the library.
Read your favourite magazines online instead of buying the actual copy.
Use a service like Netflix to watch movies.
Eat out less.
Go to restaurants that offer a free meal on your birthday.
Play board games.
Use an Entertainment Book.
Go out for lunch instead of dinner.
Go out for dessert instead of dinner.
After eating at a restaurant, bring home leftovers to have for lunch the next day.
Watch movies at home instead of the theatre.
Eat out at “kids eat free” restaurants.
Have a few drinks at home before going out.
Go to a bar/club that doesn’t have a cover charge.
When you have people over for dinner or lunch, make it a potluck.
Instead of shopping for maternity clothing, consider buying regular clothing in a size or two larger than you usually purchase.
Shop at thrift stores.
Don’t put bras or underwear in the dryer. The heat breaks down the elastic and wears them out that much faster.
Avoid ‘dry clean only’ clothing.
Stay away from trends. Their life is usually very short. Stick to basic lines that will look good forever.
Remove stains as quickly as possible.
Shop out of season for the best deals.
Check the clearance racks at stores.
Never pay full price for clothing, there are always sales.
Babies, Kids & Pregnancy
Cut pantiliners in half to serve as breast pads. They are just as absorbent, but cost much less.
Don’t buy breast milk storage bags. Just pour breast milk into ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop them out and store them in freezer bags.
Don’t use lanolin creams for cracked/dry nipples. Just rub some breast milk on the nipple and let it air dry for about 10 minutes.
Using formula? Join formula manufacturers’ mailing lists to receive coupons and free samples.
Purchase store brand formula instead of name brand.
Don’t buy burp pads. Just use a dish towel or small swaddling blanket.
Wash and reuse swim diapers for small children (unless they have been peed or pooped in). Just don’t put them in the dryer. Air dry only.
Instead of using teething rings for baby, use a wet wash cloth. The cool water feels good on their gums.
If you plan on having more children, buy high chairs, strollers, car seats, etc. in neutral colours. The same goes for certain types of clothing such as shoes and jackets.
Diaper bags can be expensive. Use a backpack or a large tote bag instead.
Instead of buying a traditional high chair, consider buying a booster seat that straps to a dining room chair.
Instead of purchasing a changing table, consider using a dresser with a thick, portable change pad on top.
Don’t use character backpacks and lunch boxes that you will just have to replace when the next new character favourite comes along.
Take advantage of all the free clubs, teams, and activities that are offered through your public schools.
Use cloth diapers.
Breast feed.
Use a garbage can instead of a Diaper Genie.
Reuse the rubber bands and plastic bags that newspapers/flyers are delivered in.
Reuse tissue paper and wrapping paper.
Reuse scrap paper for lists and little notes.
Use re-chargeable batteries.
Reuse baby wipe containers and facial tissue boxes for storing plastic bags.
Use plastic grocery bags for garbage, soiled diapers, cat litter.
Make curtains out of bedsheets.
Make a rain barrel to collect water for your garden.
Learn how to sew.
Visit scratch & dent warehouses for appliances.
Send invitations to events via email to save on postage.
Buy holiday items the day after the holiday. Stock up for next year.
Buy store brand/generic medications, they are just as effective.
Save your receipts. If an item falls apart or is in rough shape when you open the packaging, you can return it to the store a lot easier if you have a receipt.
Negotiate all large purchases.
Sign up for rewards programs.
Shop around (car insurance, cable companies).
Switch to a no-fee bank.
Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees.
Borrow from friends and family.
Shop at the dollar store.
Have a monthly budget.
Cut your own/family’s hair.
Don’t sign up for a gym membership.
Shop for holiday and birthday gifts year-round.
Sell stuff on ebay, craigslist or kijiji.
Have a yard sale.
Quit smoking.
Use up flexible spending account (FSA) money.
Pass on extended warranties.
Check over all bills for mistakes.
Pay yourself first.
Get out & stay out of debt.
Use Swagbucks.
Learn how to negotiate.
Use Freecycle.
Stop buying cookbooks. There are many FREE recipes online.
Don’t use bank machines that are not part of your bank’s system.
Shop at factory outlet stores.
Give the gift of time. Car washing, baby sitting, cut the grass.
Keep a cooler with snacks & drinks in the car if you will be out for awhile.
Instead of hiring a company to clean your carpets, rent a machine and do it yourself.
Sign up for freebies.
Look for free stuff at the side of the road.
Save all of your change.
Pay bills online to save on stamps.
Use a digital camera instead of film, and only print the really good photos.
When you stay at hotels, take home the little toiletries.
Call your credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rate.
Learn to say no.
Maintain the minimum balance in your bank account to waive monthly fees.
Don’t gamble.
Don’t own a pet.
Bathe your own pets.
Buy flea protection online instead of from the vet.
Make your own pet toothpaste.
Home, Phone, Cable & Internet
Refinance your mortgage.
Get rid of your house phone if you have a cellphone.
Cut out the cable, or just get basic cable.
Buy/rent a smaller home.
Cut unnecessary services like caller ID and call waiting.
Get a roommate.
Call cable/phone/internet company twice per year to see if there are any special promotions available.
Bundle cable/phone/internet, if possible.
Buy home and auto insurance from the same company.

thanks g

Idea Nσnsence Remains Nonsence Even When Spoken By Famous Scientist
The ever best way to save our money is to invests it positively.

The wise ones investing their money but ignorant ones are keeping their money. Not knowing that the money we invest will be increasing while the one we kept will be reducing
davidglad likes this post

Well said @Jimohonitada

Adding to what you said. Wise investments can be as good as building a lucrative future.

Another form of investment is investing on peoples lives, ur generous gift will pave way for others to help u in return. Sadly though, its not always so in this country. Sad

Your fingers and toes are your little friends, be kind to them. MrCallySmile
nice contribution i have taken note of your comments.

(16-05-2018, 09:55 PM)davidglad Wrote: nice contribution i have taken note of your comments.

Are u using them to construct a post or a blog post? @davidglad

Your fingers and toes are your little friends, be kind to them. MrCallySmile
nice one

never say never believe

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