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understanding why god created clitoris?

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Understanding Why God Created Clitoris?
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The Greatest scientist of the 21st century; Albert Einstein said" The Important things, do not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own way and reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mystery of the eternity of life and the marvellous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.'"

We need to ponder about some of the little magnificent things that endow us. The thing to ponder today is the Clitoris. Every woman has this organ called Clitoris. The Clitoris is an organ that was embedded by God for one reason? Sexual Pleasure.

Was it a deliberate act by God not to endow a man with its own clitoris? Women are the most sensitive human and the idea of sexual pleasure was embedded into their body by God. What's the Clitoris?
The clitoris has long been misrepresented especially from culture to culture, and even now, it still holds some riddles that science is yet to solve whether it has other functions apart from only sexual pleasure.

The reason for this write up is that this sexual organ is not talked about very much, and, until very recently, even the information that we might have found about it in textbooks could be misleading.
But why has it taken so long for scientists to start taking more of an interest in the clitoris, and why is it that someone only took the initiative to scan the clitoris and produce an accurate representation of it in 2009?

The reason is the fact that the Clitoris is only for sexual pleasure and it should not be discussed. Even in sex education classes, most Life coaches do not discuss this part with the students and shockingly, they used terms other than clitoris" when discussing the importance of female genitalia.

Some cultures that have focused on the importance of reproduction to the detriment of enjoyment, the clitoris is a forgotten part of the discussion and the public and medical professionals alike have felt embarrassed to discuss this important unique part of a woman.

However I strongly feel that the discussion about female genitalia and female pleasure may affect the way in which women understand their sexual health, and it may even impact their sex lives when they eventually marry.

According to Oglettree and Ginsburg"Reclaiming the clitoris may help women actively discover their own sexual pleasure and be more independent in the sexual choices that they make,"

We hope that this Spotlight of mine on this wonders of creation embedded into every woman can further the conversation about the clitoris and that it has provided you with further insight into the wonders of female sexuality so as to make you appreciate more the importance God attached to happiness and enjoyment for all.

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