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Twintam Or Facebook? Which Is A Better Social Media?
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Today, as the world grows into technologies, more and more social media community has been created over the years. Facebook, one of the most popular and giant social media community is widely used around the world. With billions of people using Facebook, the giant social media serves a great purpose. Just like, a new and powerful social media community built by a Nigerian Tech Company. This upcoming social media community was built to keep people together especially when it comes to Users privacy. People complain of Facebook selling their informations to third parties, and spying on their privacy for the purpose of making money. Unlike Twintam, users privacy is 100% secured and free to use.
We are making this comparison to see which is a better social network community. Let's take a look at the features below...


Both have same feature when it comes on Groups and Pages.


Facebook messages are not really secured as they spy on our chats which makes it little safer when browsing while Twintam has end-to-end encryption message, which makes users chat, send and receive messages securely.

Blogs (Reading News)

Facebook doesn't have this features but Twintam has this features.

Forums (FAQs)

Facebook doesn't have this features but Twintam has which makes it unique.


Facebook users privacy are at 50% secured, while Twintam users privacy is at 100% secured which makes users use the community freely.

File Uploads (.zip, .mp3, .mp4, .exe)

Facebook doesn't support this features while Twintam Supports and have this features.

Public Figures (v.i.p membership)

The two social network community has this features.


Facebook does not have this feature while Twintam has this features which gives users easy access to the community.

Friends List

Both contains 5,000 friends space, but according to Twintam CEO, in a recent interview, he said, sooner or later, Twintam will increase the friend list space.

Boosts (Posts and Pages)

Facebook and Twintam Supports this great features as it allows it's users to boost their pages and posts.

Well to me, I think I will rather go for Twintam, since it has more features than Facebook.

Looking at the above comparison, which in your own opinion is much more better and why?

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