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Trusted Way On How To Shield Your Google Adsense From Being Bomb Click
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Great day Blogger,

Today I will show you how to shield your AdSense from been boycott or been clicked commonly by shrewdness disapproved of individuals.

I understand numerous individuals have been confronting these issues which results in them losing their AdSense account and lose cash in them.

So today I have given an enduring arrangement that will help you folks guard your AdSense account from bomb clickers.

Pursue the Below Procedures

Use this code at the body tag of your site
function ASSetCookie(e,o,t){var n=new Date;n.setDate(n.getDate()+t);var i=escape(o)+(0==t?";path=/":"; expires="+n.toUTCString())+";path=/";document.cookie=e+"="+i}function ASGetCookie(e){var o,t,n,i=document.cookie.split(";");for(o=0;o=o}jQuery(document).ready(function(e){var o="adsShield",t=".adsShield",n=!1;ASMaxClick(o,3)&&e(t).hide("fast"),e(t).bind("mouseover",function(){n=!0}).bind("mouseout",function(){n=!1}),e(window).on("beforeunload",function(){n&&(ASMaxClick(o,3)?e(t).hide("fast"):ASSetCookieAds(o,7))})});

The above code will prevent your AdSense from been incidentally click more than 3 times.

If you have any questions, kindly ask using the comment sections.

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