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Ten Habits That Affects You Brain Negatively
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The human body is a beautifully designed structure by God. The body consisted of billions of interwoven cells working independently and together to give a perfectly functional body.

However, all the body parts are of importance for a perfect performance but the head is the most vital to the body. I have never comes across a headless human being.

Unfortunately, the head which is the house of the thinking faculty of the body functions is less thought about. Everywhere people worried everytime about their shape, kidney, liver etc but not about the brain, the most vital organ that controls the body.

Here are 10 biggest brain damaging habits you should stop, right now for you to have a better functioning brain and by extension the body.

1. High Sugar Consumption

Excessive intake of sugar interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition. If enough nutrients is not delivered to the brain it deters its development. Belly-busting sweets does harm the memory and thinking ability.

2. Sleep Deprivations

Long time sleep deprivation can lead to daytime drowsiness, depression, and impaired memory. The part of the brain that suffers due to lack of sleep is the ‘hippocampus’.

Several researches revealed that the brain purifies itself of toxins during deep sleep. Lack of sleep can cause the death of brain cells, which can lead to impaired memory and reduced abilities.

3. Listening To Loud Music With Earphones Or Headphones

By listening to music with earphones or headphones with high volume might damage hearing abilities which could be permanent. This can result to brain problems such as loss of memory and damage to your brain tissue in the near future. By applying excess pressure on the brain will surely damage it.

4. No Breakfast And Insufficient Water Consumption

A lot of people skip breakfast due to work schedule and to save time. By doing this, not having breakfast can damage the brain.

By not having regular breakfast results in low blood glucose levels that could affects brain’s functioning abilities.

Moreover, about 80% of the brain is water. The brain needs plenty of water to think faster and focus better. So, drinking plenty of water will benefit your body and brain to function better.

5. Smoking

Smoking causes cancer while the addiction of nicotine in the cigarettes shrinks the brain. In fact, brain shrinkage could lead to Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

6. Over Eating

This is eating more than what the body require. It also damages your brain beyond your imagination by hardening the brain arteries, hence, damaging the mental abilities.

By this, it increases a person’s chances of developing memory loss or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), in the future.

7. Head Covering While Sleeping

By covering your head while sleeping this increases the carbon dioxide concentration and decreases the oxygen in the covering. This may lead to brain damage.

The oxygen is very essential for proper functioning of the brain, and not having enough of it can harm the brain cells. Therefore, clear away from any pathetic polluted air.

8. Lack Of Stimulating Thoughts

Thinking deeply is one of the best way to train the brain. The more you think, write and explore thinking abilities will help to keep your brain fresh. When the brain lack this type of stimulation, it may cause brain shrinkage.

9. Working Your Brain During Illness

By stressing the brain during illness my lead to decrease effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

10. Talking Rarely

By engaging in intellectual discussions promote efficiency of the brain. Therefore the active member in meetings and events. It pays to always talk more than required to keep the brain alive.


The brain as the most vital organ of the body and if damaged it will affect the thoughts patterns, speech, memory, sensation, etc. Having a healthy brain is has important as the heart, lungs or any other organs of the body.

So, adhering to do the needful concerning these brain damaging habits through changes in our lifestyle increases our knowledge, power of imagination and mental stability.

Stay safe
Stay mind healthy

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