to blog in take your 2020 boost steps

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Steps To Take To Boost Your Blog In 2020
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Change old strategy, and reinstall a new working steps
Hi Mate, Today I will be advising you on some tips that will pursue you to focus and work more on your Blog.

Firstly, as yourself “what have I achieved in the last year 2019?”
In this new year, you need to work more on your blog.

Some Steps To Take
1. Know your niche : Late last year, I visited one of my friend entertainment blog to download a particular song, but to my amused, I saw “how to use Glo cheat for free”; WTF on a music website, Actually some newbie bloggers run more than one Niche, and still yet they claimed they are running Entertainment website, or school website etc.

You need to know the particular niche you want to based on, You are running an Educational blog and yet you are posting Political News, Oops that is a sh*t.
Know your niche, stand on it and work to be great on it.

2. Work On Your Blog: Another most important factor you need to work on this new year, is your blog entirely, Change your design, A very cool blog design attract more visitors and they will always stick to your blog, If you are a wordpress users; we have a lot of wordpress theme on the forum which you can download and use for your blog.
3. Run Sponsored Ads
4. Do ONpage SEO
5. And Stay Focus

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Thanks bro, for your advice

Thanks Brother

Nice one bro ?

Thank you for this

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