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in short your be eyes own story do not wise

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Short Story: Do Not Be Wise In Your Own Eyes
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Hi there.

I want to share with u an encouraging story i wrote almost a year ago.

This is not my life story nor someone else, rather it's just a compilation of thoughts that ran through my mind.
The story is about a young man who's life become meaningless because he chooses to null his Uncle's advice.



Walking by my actions and decisions seems just right to me, the result? I was a self-genius.
Looking back, life would've being alot better had i not being that kind.

I became jobless and poor 2 months after i lost my previous job, one day i saw a job vacancy ad online i checked in, it was even a company located not too far away from my home town. Quickly I sent my resume, but received no reply after some days. I couldn't wait anymore so I hailed a cab and visited in person. I met with the manager, after a brief discussion I observed he wanted a bribe and that's how majority of his employees earned their job. I thought I should do thesame.
I requested a loan from my uncle to fund for the job, he refused to lend me because he hate bribery and encouraged me to avoid it. I ignored his advice and look elsewhere, I reckoned it was "an old man thought", I succeeded and returned to the manager and he signed me in as soon as possible. The job was nice, it gives you time for other activities but the salary is quite low but a lot better than non, and for a young man without a family its enough to fill my wallet.
Before a week I learnt that there was a team of gamblers in the company, they live comfortably financially than others. My greatest surprise was that the manager was among them. I admired until my desire to be rich makes joining them irresistible so I joined with my very first salary.

2 weeks letter I won double of my salary, then I became addicted to gamble.

3 months letter I won a car and a large amount of money but was never satisfy because the desire to win more was so appealing (that's what gambling does to a gambler) so I was even more addicted and was going extreme.

3 months letter the company started to struggle financially and was almost bankrupted. So the owner decided to release the manager and installed a new manager. When the new manager heard of our team he decided to fire us all. By that time I was in debt so I sold my car to cover my debt but it wasn't enough, instead the debt kept increasing. I sold most of my property and my late dad's to cover my dept. My life became miserable thereafter. I almost stabbed myself when my uncle told me that the new manager employed all the waiting applicant with salary increase of 40% of what we were paid because the exited manager was looting that part of our salary and he(my uncle) was appointed a staff in the company.

My life became meaningless. I lost my luster and valued for nothing.
I wish I heeded my uncle's advice.
My over-confidence of my wrong decisions cost me my joy, my pleasure and my pride.

Listen to advice and take corrections. DO NOT BE WISE IN YOUR OWN EYES.

This touch me
Nice story bro

(28-08-2018, 07:07 PM)flexible Wrote: This touch me
Nice story bro

Thanks boss

na so


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