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to it our see purpose wapforum of the duty and meaning

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See The Meaning Of Wapforum, It Purpose And Our Duty To It
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Hi, am Phanteez Da OneBoss Ceo and founder of NaijaBasic. You see, there are things we dont really know about wapforum..
Meaning Of Wapforum
Wapforum is an arena i.e portal for were both newbies, proffessionals and webmasters including bloggers contribute or help each other get their daily feeds, codes, designs, needs, helps Shisha_goza even getting informations and news around the world. Its called 'The Peoples Forum...
It Purpose
I already said most of it above. To add a little to it, we will be glad to help any newbie who are into blogging new. Just request for any code, we the gurus will be glad to share our ideas.
Our Duty To WapForum
It is our duty to make sure that wapforum becomes the number 1 peoples forum. We all know that there are many forum before wapforum with the likes of weezywap, kinwap, nairaland, jdtrendz, nctforum, and lots more. So, lets join hands together and make Wapforum the best...
Shisha_goza sorry for taking it, its part of me...
Its Fun @Wapforum
Its really fun at Wapforum but the game we are playing here, to me, i think its childisness but i enjoy every bit of the game especially The Race Game. Sometimes, i do wonder that this game we play here, how manage do i found it as fun? Even when am commenting, i do laf. I will start saying wats making me to laf? Shisha_goza You see, when i newly got registered to Wapforum, the ceo @flexible doesnt use to see me online. But ever since i discovered that Wapforum is gonna be fun, i started using it. Am enjoying every bit of my stay here especially the Shisha_goza the games, the post, the comments, sometimes i just wonder if what we are doing here is childisness, but i say to my self, its fun anyway.
My Contribution To WapForum
The race we do here, i think that every month ending, the points we have should be added to our forum points. Yes, so that our fun wont be of waste.
Wat do you say @flexible@MrCally@olamideoladesino
@kissboy @Spruce

flexible likes this post

Well said i hope @flexible agrees with u.

1st and 2nd runner up should get something from the ongoing race game either from @MrCally or @flexible but because flexible is also a participant the duty points to @MrCally but if we look at it closely this is only a trial so maybe when the second edition of the forum game begins their should be prizes involved so as to attract more users to participate.

Also @phanteez

Weezywap and kinwap

Are not refered to as forums.

They are called multipurpose sites.

Only nairaland, jdtrendz, nct etc are refered to as forums.

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@phanteez the smoker, you really say everything
I hope you didn't take more shisha today

I like that post of yours @phanteez, even me when i registered here i didn't realised how fun wapforum would be until after some few days expecially when the race started. Meeting and chating with you @phanteez and the likes of @flexible@cyberlord@Dynamo@olamideoladesino is just like dream to me. I made alot of friends in UK via forum like this and i learnt so much from them, they were like family to me. I was imagining if its possible to make such friends in Nigeria and i've found the answer in Naraclan and Wapforum, so i'm really having fun.

Now about adding prices to the game, i'll say its a good idea, but i'm not up to that now. I mean, i can't asure anyone that i'll i can award prizes in this game.

If @flexible will consider awarding point to the winner or advertising them like the man of the week, not their blog though. He could do something like this: MEET THE SEASON 1 FORUM RACE WINNER that will help to attract more interest in the game, and will make Wapforum different from other forums.

Thats my openion.

(11-04-2018, 08:48 PM)phanteez Wrote:
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@flexible what do you think


Adding to what i've already said, the forum race game is not the only game i will run here. There is also the mafia game game which i believe all of you will love and like better than this race game. And if you are constructive and creative as i'm, we can even mod our own forum games here.

@MrCally you are right
it will even attract more members or visitors

Once the winner have been announce ,I will reward him with 500 coins

And the second 300c

And your own gift @MrCally is totally different.

Just let us see the winner.

To lay more emphasize on what have said
You guys are the one to make wapforum great
,am not the only one to make it succeed, never it can't work, a tree cannot form a forest, while one single cannot form a bundle of brooms.

I cant do it alone, infact you are the one to do most of the work, you guys are are the wapforumians.

My work as an admin is just to make the forum be alive, by monitoring the domain and host.
My opinion is to make the forum live forever ,even if I died, My offsprings will take over it.

You guys let join hand together, to make the People's forum great.

We can be above nairaland if we works towards it.

This is where I will stop

then @flexible also make sure your seo is still being indexed by google.... Bcus you neva can tell when google crawled your site... Shisha_goza

so someone cannot come here to catch fun


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