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saved sin by

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Saved By Sin
(2.9k )
Cars, Bikes, Trucks could be clearly seen trooping in and out of the University of Benin popularly known as UNIBEN, songs from different choirs could be heard from all angles of the university, it was another Sunday morning. Among these choirs is that of the popular Catholic Church, Saint Albert Catholic Church. The parish priest as usual stood on the alter and nodded his head to the soul winning song being sang by the choir, he had the microphone close to his mouth signifying he was ready for the homily. “ oh take me aaaaaaas I am, Oh take me aaaaasss I am, my lord Jesus, Christ died for me, lord take me aaaaas I am” the choristers sang on. The back door of the church suddenly flung open to reveal a young guy and girl, in the hand of the guy was a small pistol, the girl held him by the other hand and led him into the church, tears could be seen pouring down his small eye. The congregation needed no prophet to tell them to run as they began to jump the well-arranged benches all towards the exit door. Only the priest and some elders remained, the elders were old men and their old age would not allow them run, they decided to stay and face whatsoever might happen, it wasn’t their will.
The priest on his side knew he should not run, what will the people say about him? That the great Reverend Father Charles also fled from the church alongside the congregation on the arrival of the Major hit man of the “Night Crawlers”, Gabriel Eugene. The priest remained standing on the alter holding the Microphone tight to his hand and looking bold as Gabriel approached him with the girl who was dressed like a complete church girl, nevertheless, he continued to mummer the catholic prayer “hail Mary…..” . At last the deadly hit man of the Night crawlers got to the alter with his girlfriend Queen by his side, he took a look at the gun and threw it to the alter, “Father forgive me for I have sinned” he cried kneeling in front of the parish priest, “This is my first confession since my baptism” he cried the more. Father Charles took a look at him, he was obviously surprised seeing the well-known killer begging for forgiveness, he knew how much havoc he had caused and fear he had put in the hears of the student, if it was in his power, he would pray to God not to forgive him but he is a man of God. “May the good lord forgive you your sins in the name of the father, son and holy spirit” the priest did a sign of the cross at him, “go and sin no more” the priest added.


“Today as we all know is another prize giving day for us here at the Fisher’s academy, we would be giving out prizes in different categories ranging from intellect to sports” the mc voice echoed in all the speakers mounted around the four corners of the big hall where hundreds of students were seated happily, on one corner of the hall, students, about fifty of them could be seen in brown flowing gowns, they were the graduating students. The parents weren’t left out, a special corner was also allocated to them, the parents present were mostly those of the graduating students, and they had come to celebrate with their children. “At last, am done with the fisher’s college” Gabriel laughed turning to his friend Israel who was trying hard to make his cap fit perfectly into his head. “My brother, I join o, I can’t express how happy I am” Israel said finally fitting the cap into his head, “All the cane, all the shouts, they are all over” Nkechi put in from behind them, Gabriel only smiled admiring her beauty, she happens to be his college girlfriend.
Gabriel isn’t that perfect description of a lover boy, his mates actually thought him to be that kind of guy who has no affection for girls. That was what they thought of him, if they had carefully observed him, then it won’t take you so long to realize he is actually a shy guy. He himself can’t say what was wrong with him, he finds himself feeling uncomfortable anytime he was around the opposite sex, it wasn’t the way he was brought up, as a matter of fact, he grew up surrounded with girls, his three sisters. He happens to be a natural stammer, not a chronic stammer. Meeting him for the first time, you won’t deduce he is a stammer but man just hear him speak with the opposite sex, then you will see his full stammering potentials. For about two months after he was admitted into the Fisher’s college, he had only one friend, Israel. Israel on his part happens to be that guy the girls want to hang around with though he wasn’t as handsome as his friend, Gabriel. It was not like the girls didn’t like Gabriel, but which girl will want to go near a guy whose face is always planted inside his note? Apparently no one, or we might be wrong, Nkechi did. Nkechi Chris, a tall, fair beautiful big eyes girl was brought up under the meek hands of Mr. and Mrs. Chris, she was their last child and the only girl so little or no wonder why she was her parent’s favorite. She had started her primary education at the Fisher’s primary school and she had advanced further in the same school. Gabriel on his part finished his junior secondary school in one Pearl college, he had to leave the school for the Fisher’s college when his parent had to relocate to their permanent home.
It was in the sss 2 class that Nkechi couldn’t bear it anymore, she had tried giving Gabriel signs that she was in love with him, she knew he was also in love with her but due to one thing or the other, he couldn’t just bring himself to tell her. “yes, I said I wanted to see you” Nkechi started as she sat opposite Gabi in the school food canteen, it had been terrible trying to bring him to her, all thanks to Israel who had succeeded in playing him to her. “ yeah, Israel told me so “ came his thick smooth voice, she smiled as she heard him talking to her, not for once has he even spoken to her since he started the Fisher’s college. “ so if Israel haven’t told you, you wouldn’t have come to see me bah?” she asked in a bit of a baby’s voice, he didn’t reply. “I expected that” she smiled, “anyways, I will try my possible best to be brief, I know you are kind of a busy guy” she mocked him and watched to see her reaction, he simply fixed his gaze on her. “I have kept this to myself for too long, and I thought I should let it out so it won’t continue hurting me, you may choose to see me anyhow you want to from today but I can’t keep it any more, I love you Eugene” she said in a light voice, his reaction was the same, like she had not said anything. “Yeah, I know I have messed up myself to you, but I don’t regret saying it, Gabriel I love you” she added, this time he adjusted himself on the chair but still said nothing. “Never in my existence have I ever seen a guy as rude and proud as you are, I have told you what I have to, bye.” She said standing up from the plastic chair she was sitting on, anger could be visibly seen written all over her face, surely she was now regretting telling him how she felt for him. She dusted her skirt and took one last, long stare at him before turning to go, “ I was waiting for the part where you ask if I love you too” came Gabriel’s thick voice from behind, she turned sharply to face him, it was unbelievable, she never thought he would answer her, she had only come to try her luck. “After such long statement, the girl will always end up asking if the guy loves her too but there you are walking away” he smiled, had she ever seen him smile? He himself could not believe such words were coming from his mouth, he had never thought he could feel so cool with a girl, surprisingly, he wasn’t sweating as he always does when speaking to a girl, he wasn’t even stammering. She smiled at him to reveal her white teeth, this was the best day ever since she had been in the fisher’s college. “Do I need to ask? It is obvious you got nothing for me” she said in a bid to force words from his mouth, “why don’t you ask first” he smiled again, “ Save me the strength of asking” she pleaded, “ okay, I don’t hate you” he said stretching the word don’t, she breathed in relief when he completed the statement. “ and as for if I love you, what took you so long to ask me, I have been waiting for this day since I was born” he laughed, she couldn’t help but also laugh, “ I love you too” he added and got up from the chair, it was almost break over, his wrist watch told him so. “ I think we should go to class” he told the smiling Nkechi, “ not so fast, this always happens when two lovers meet themselves” she said staring at his broad chest, “ w…” he was about saying something when she wrapped her hands around him in a hug, he was sweating again.

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nice one
We need more

And that was the beginning of the boring love life Nkechi got herself into, it would have been better she never fell in love than falling in love with Gabriel, a girl like Nkechi deserves anyone else but Gabriel, she deserves a guy who would be proud of her. Gabriel wasn’t that kind of guy that loves public display of affection, as a matter of fact he thinks a relationship should be private and known just to the both of them. That was the kind of love life he enjoyed, did he actually enjoy it or he was simply shy to let people know about what was going on. Nkechi was proud of him, who would not be proud to date the class most handsome guy, she wanted to show him off to the whole school that she was the lucky girl dating her class most handsome and brilliant guy. She prayed day and night for Gabriel to change, she wanted him to be a good lover boy but no, he wasn’t just clicking. She would boast to her friends about her dating Gabriel but who would believe her when even the Gabriel does not talk to her in class, he only calls to talk to her through phone, yes he was a good lover boy over the phone. She tried changing him but nothing she did was working, she tried talking him out of it but he wouldn’t just change. She endured it till they finished their secondary school and then of all the days in the world, she decided to break up on their graduation day, today.
“So let’s go straight to the event proper, the presentation of awards” the Mc shouted happily, he wasn’t really a mc, he was the school fine art teacher. “Now, I will call on the school principal to call on the parent who will be presenting the awards to them” he continued. “Let us put our hands together for our own, our Mr. Principal, Mr. Femi Odukola” the Mc shouted and the crowd with wild with shouts and claps as the principal came out of nowhere, he was in a white flowing Yoruba traditional attire, Agbada as they call it. “Thank you Mr. Mc ” the principal appreciated and sat on one of the chairs around the high table, the rest were already occupied. “ welcome sir, I will hand over from here” the Mc said and handed over the microphone to the principal. “Once again, thank you Mc, the proprietor, the great staff…………..” the principal greeted the house as they will always do every year. “now, let me introduce to you the woman who has been given the honor to present the prizes to these students, she is a woman of virtue, good character and conduct” the principal praised, “I am very pleased to have been given the honor to introduce to you, our one and only Mrs. Helen Eugene” he called out and from a corner of the hall, a tall, fair woman could be seen standing, she is Mrs. Eugene, Gabriel’s mother. She was wearing a long, blue gown, on her feet were way too high heels. She walked majestically to the stage accompanied by two male teachers who have been assigned the duties of security men for the event. “ clap for your mom now” Israel turned to Gabriel, “ why should I clap, I see her everyday” Gabriel answered him stealing a glance at Nkechi who was chatting happily with Pascal, the class most troublesome boy, “ what the hell is making her laugh so hard?” he asked himself, he was obviously jealous. He stared at his mom who was now climbing the platform, she is the exact replica of him, tall and gorgeous. She smiled at the principal as she shook hands with him, “welcome Mrs. Eugene” the principal smiled, “thank you so much Mr. Principal, it is my pleasure” came her sweet voice. “I will let you do your thing, you have been granted the honor to present awards of excellence to our evergreen outstanding grandaunts” the principal informed her. “The principal had always told us we were useless students, when did we become outstanding?” Israel asked his friend Gabriel whose attention was on Nkechi. “Once again sir, it is my pleasure” Mrs. Eugene smiled. “The proprietor, the principal……..” the normal protocol was observed. “In order not to waste our time, I will like to go into the prize giving proper” she said, “I know I should not forget to commend our graduating student, you all look outstanding today” she commended, the students clapped for themselves. “The first prize here goes to the most gentle student of the year, it goes to the person of Chima” she said and the graduating students all busted into laughter as chima came from the back to receive his award. He wasn’t actually gentle, rather he always faked quietness whenever a teacher enters their class so as to avoid questions, he was actually the class dullest boy. “Well done” Mrs. Eugene shook hands with him as she presented a wrapped gift to him. “I never knew the dullest guy also gets an award” Gabriel laughed. “The next award is for the most punctual prefect, it goes to senior James Dickson” she said, some of the graduating students still laughed, this time for his surname. She kept on calling names of students and the awards they were to receive, some of the awards were useless. “The next award goes to the school’s best sportsman, this boy is like a son to me, well behaved and athletic” she said, “ that is you” Gabriel said to Israel, “ who else will it be?” Israel smiled. “And it goes to MR. Israel Oluwafemi” she shouted, Israel got up slowly and first waved to the crowd who had gone mad shouting “Senior Israel!!!!!” He walked to Mrs. Eugene and hugged her, Gabriel for the first time got up and went towards the stage, he stood beside Israel and their both parents as the cameraman took a quick one. She called about two more names and then it came to the last, the whole place went calm and quiet, this was the moment they had been waiting for, the prize for the most intelligent student. “Okay guys, kill the tension, this is the period we have been waiting for the biggest prize of the night, the most intelligent student” she said as she opened the envelope containing the name, a smile which she tried to hide formed on her lips. “Am sure it is that wizard of a brother” Sandra smiled to Cecilia her sister, they were among the crowd, they were Gabriel sisters. “And the prize of the most intelligent guy goes to, hmm, this guy is hardworking, handsome, cute…“She was saying when she suddenly she busted into laughter, the crowd joined her and shout of “Senior Gabriel “could now be heard from every corner of the crowd. Gabriel bent his head smiling, Israel also smiled. “Go out now, everybody know say na you” Israel said in pidgin. “Just wait make them call me first” Gabriel smiled, “Okay, the prize goes to my angel, my only son, Gabriel Eugene” she shouted proudly, Gabriel took a deep breath and got up slowly, the moment was wow, no one was sitting, who haven’t heard of Gabriel, the one who had represented his school in about ten competitions and had come back home with the grand prize. He stared at the crowd, everyone was smiling, they all seem to love him, he stared at his mom and then to his dad who was coming from the crowd, his three sisters were also approaching the stage, this was what he had always wanted. “Let’s go now” Israel pushed him from behind, “Oh” he said and walked out of their corner towards the stage, the shouting increased. He climbed the stage and his mother quickly took him into her hands in a long embrace, his father took turn after her, it was like they planned to suffocate the young man that afternoon. “Mumu, you don do am again” his eldest sister Sandra whispered into his ear as she hugged him, he laughed. He was handed over a well wrapped gift, the sight was captivating. The cameraman took another quick one, even the proprietor took one with him, Israel’s parent were not left out, they came out to celebrate with their son’s best friend. Gabriel looked around like he was expecting to see someone among them, but there she was, in their corner still laughing with Pascal, she didn’t care about what was going on, Nkechi.

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