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gambling reasons why should you not

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Reasons Why You Should Not Gambling
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What is Gambling

Gambling can be defined as playing a game in which you can win or lose money or possessions or other valuable things.

Note: This write-up is simply an effort deliberately geared towards stopping young growing teenagers from becoming gamblers anytime in the future. Apart from the above, I would love to vehemently establish that, I don't intend to stop anybody from gambling; infact, “it is easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a gambler to stop gambling”. Just in case you are already a gambler, and you are gradually becoming tired of gambling, I do hope and pray that your thinking horizons returns to its factory settings through this write-up.

On the other hand this write-up is not an attack on any sports betting company, the subject matter is not “sports betting” the monster is “gambling”. Believe it or leave it before the inception of these numerous sports betting companies, gambling has been in existence, and whether these sports betting companies continue to provide their services or not, gambling would still exist, and gamblers would easily find a way to satisfy themselves. The idea controlling this theory is simple “few of our kind as humans will or have ultimately reject the principles of hard work, and would rather embrace the illusory promises of the god of luck and chance”. A good number of them would wait all their life to make fortune in a twinkle of an eye.

Gambling Analysis: The problem of gambling is not winning or losing; infact, once you stake a coin, you either win or lose. The problem of gambling is stopping after either winning or losing a coin, and funny enough, this is almost impossible, after a coin is lost the gambler hopes to win back the lost coin, and possibly an extra coin to make for profit. If a coin is won the gambler is endlessly excited, and would love to win more money. What a cyclic system full of traps and invisible snares? A peculiar group of gamblers would rather claim they gamble for fun, like seriously, people waste resources for fun because they feel they have enough of it. Whichever way, gamble as a result of the following four reasons:

1. Ignorance
2. Insufficient fund(employed/working class)
3. Unemployment
4. Greed

Ignorance: “Ignorance is a disease” like some people would say but inside the world of gambling, ignorance is not just a disease, it is a snare. These platforms promoting gambling capitalize on the ignorance of a good number of people to deceive them. There are critical questions that we should ask ourselves about the owners, companies, customers, and agents of these platforms, I would present the questions, but to avoid destructive critics, I think it would be better to allow you answer them yourself. (You can use Google if the answers are out of reach)

1) Who are the owners of the platforms you gamble on?

2) Who is qualified to be an agent?

3) Why do we have a sudden increase in the number of gambling companies, with more foreign companies looking for a way to establish their presence in Nigeria?

4) Why is a greater percentage of active gamblers poor and in debt?

5) What are the terms and conditions of these gambling companies? and if you are a gambler; how many of them do you know?

6) How many of the owners and agents of these gambling companies made their money (capital) through gambling?

7) As a gambler and as an innocent fellow yet or preparing to taste the bitter waters of gambling; why do you think millionaires would pull their resources together, and create a platform to make you a millionaire on a platter of gold?

Note: At the moment, there are three retired football players of the super eagles currently promoting the gambling platforms of the three major giant sports betting companies in Nigeria, I would love to quickly remind us that these legendary footballers worked hard as football players in their time to earn themselves enough financial freedom, and success, they did not make their money from gambling, do not get it all twisted.

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