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to a break facebook reasons why take you from need

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Reasons Why You Need To Take A Break From Facebook
(13k )
Listen Carefully, I dont say you should stop facebook Infact it has become your blood, But Try To Limit it, You will Know the reason soon.

I have sworn to reveal more Facebook secrets!
Never trust Facebook, never love Facebook,
Facebook is a cheat.

Don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.
Because Mark Zuckerberg gave us free Facebook
doesn't mean he loves us.

Note: if you operate a Facebook page you will
notice that there is about 60% reduction in organic
reach since 2016.

Despite more users on Facebook,
organic reach is fast dropping.
Facebook is using Freebasics to exploit developing
countries and cutting down competitors. No argument.

The rate at which Facebook ban our URL is now at
peak. Anytime you get more than the traffic limit set
for you without running Facebook ads, just expect
ban anytime you share your link again.

The fight against Facebook have not stopped.
Do you know if you type a post on Facebook
without posting it e.g changing your mind and
deleting without posting.

Facebook will Still save it
on their database.
Therefore, without posting Facebook has stored all your post.

Another sad thing is Mark Zuckerberg trust
nobody, he covers his webcam and microphone
with black tapes always.

Who is paying for free free basics?

Facebook advertiser are the one paying the huge

According to a survey nothing less than 29%
Facebook users in developing countries uses free
Facebook thereby reducing the boosted reach. One sad thing about Facebook nowadays is that it
has resolved to using bot traffic from clicking ads.

Prove: many analytic experts on Stackoverflow
claims to be seeing bot traffic being filtered from
Facebook. Facebook traffic stay on site for just 2
seconds before exiting a site.

Another fact is that those who uses Facebook for
driving sales traffic no longer make sales, this
proves bot traffic.

Facebook is just ripping advertisers and Facebook
users. Advertisers don't get what they pay for and
ordinary users are being exploited.
#think wise!

@kissboy @gkitng @jonath45

they have already blocked my fb page and also 2 of my account

now I'm using facebook just for personal issues not to drive traffic to my blog

Whatsapp sweet pass facebook

(27-12-2017, 09:09 PM)Salim Wrote: they have already blocked my fb page and also 2 of my account

now I'm using facebook just for personal issues not to drive traffic to my blog

Whatsapp sweet pass facebook

Stupid Mark




I know what you mean bro


well everything just seems like scam

Good Job


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