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quantum developed material

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Quantum Material Developed
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*Quantum material developed that could become a building block of the 'Quantum Age'*

A physicist at the University of Central Florida claims to have discovered a new material with the potential to become a building block in the new era of quantum materials. Material made of hafnium, tellurium and phosphorus will 'provide insights into interactions between various quantum states', says Madhab Neupane. Quantum materials are composed of microscopically condensed matter and are expected to change our development of technology as we enter the "Quantum Age".

Instead of using silicon to advance technology, researchers entering the Quantum Age are finding new quantum materials such as conductors that have the ability to use and store energy at the subatomic level. The University's assistant professor, Madhab Neupane, has spent his career researching these new materials, which are expected to become the foundation of the technology to develop quantum computers and long-lasting memory devices.

He believes that these new devices will increase computing power for big data and greatly reduce the amount of energy required to power electronics. The University states that once these quantum phenomena are better understood and can be engineered, the new technologies that come out of it are expected to change the world, much like electronics did at the end of the 20th century.

The material Neupane discovered alongside his team is Hf2Te2P, a chemically composed of hafnium, tellurium and phosphorus. It's the first material that has multiple quantum properties, meaning there is more than one electron pattern that develops within the electronic structure, giving it a range of quantum properties.

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