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nigerians protest this paypal all must stop

Must read Paypal Must Stop All This - Nigerians Protest
[Image: WpvNoRxUkMBtkDH-800x450-noPad.jpg?1513551677]

Paypal is not being fair to us here. We don't enjoy full benefits of PayPal services the way other countries does. I'm a Nigerian, I'm
internet savvy and I love to work online but PayPal is making my efforts and the efforts of others in my country and other countries
fruitless. They allowed us make payments but can't receive payments. Most persons prefer using PayPal for faceless transactions because it kinda protect buyers and sellers in a way. We as sellers lost a lot of deals and customers because we can't accept payments through the means the customers are comfortable with. We understand that PayPal are trying to be careful that is why they are limiting the use of their service at our end, but they should understand that a whole country can't suffer the consequences of the crimes of some individuals. The countries that are enjoying full services of PayPal also has their bad sides. PayPal should please give everyone equal voice. We deserve to buy and sell online, we deserve to own online businesses that Integrate different payment gateways.
If you can't allows us receive money, Don't allow us send money.
Read Also:
Read this comment, and sign the petition. If paypal won't allow us to receive funds. They should take away there company... http://chn.ge/2kMmPYr via Twitter
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“ I just wanna say nothing is permanent in this world, only change
I Stand With You
Yes u are righy
am with u
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Choose The Heart That Loves, Not Heart That Hates
never say never believe
Yes O There Must Stop
am akways meee.........fuck haters
When will the protest start?,I finally found someone who is out spoken, ,
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