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prefer ancient opinion you world which modern and do

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Opinion: Ancient And Modern World. Which Do You Prefer
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Back in those days life was so easy and free to live. You are okey being just a famer or a Bladesmith.
Childrean where raised in a condusive huts. Little where the wants of those days. Technology was in the dark though but means of living was pretty fast and easy.

Here in 21st century marked by advanced technology, called computer age, doomed with hustling was the world able to retain the luster of the ancient days?

Here are some facts
TECHNOLOGY - Technology was brought fourth to ease human burdens, but was that worth it? NO. Instead burdens have drastically increased with the growth of tech over the years. Technology and inventories have added more priorities to peoples schedule.

Before all you do is: Wake up, do chores, eat, go to work, visit friends, and still have plenty of time for yourself and family.

Today: You have more than one job to balance living, if you are not a workaholic you'll end up doing illegal stuffs that may take you to the house of your dangerous friends called police, you skip chores and sometime meals for TV shows, you quit company of friends and family obligations for social networking, you aren't free, your wants can never be satifisfied, you are anxious for nothing.

But even in this hard way of life pretty good number of people have adapted to it and prefer it to the ancient life.


Well I prefer modern bcus, without tech, things would have been so difficult like traveling, messaging, money transfer and lots more


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