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baby my mama

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My Baby Mama
(4.3k )
Heart Heart Heart He is everything a woman wants straight from a wet dream he knows they are all vying for a piece of the pie so he swore to keep  them at armslenghth... Her family wants herto marry an old man rich enough to bring them out of poverty...but there is a baby on the way. Heart Heart Heart 


Heart Heart Heart This is a total work of fiction from the writer's creative imagination this work should not be copied or used in any form without my permission.plagarist are warned off.
P.S: I am only human imperfect and not above mistakes  your criticism on this work are very much welcome but while at it please DONT BREAK MY FRAGILE HEART.thanks Heart Heart Heart

Guys I need your comments to continue, I want to see ur response to this most intriguing story before I continue, thanks


I need to see more comments to continue

GEORGE Gold a young man in his late twenties tagged along with his friend Joseph Obi into AFFIAH BAR one could mistake the duo to be brothers as they were both tall,croppy dark hair,light skinned,muscularly built,drop dead gorgeous.The young men seem oblivous to the attention they had created as heads kept on turning in open admiration as they scanned round the crowd for a vacant spot,finding one at the extreme end of the bar shaded by dwarfed trees which leaves whirled around with the wind slowly a loud beat of AkwaIbom Ayaya blast from an old speaker as people familiar with the lyrics sang along, they both ventured to the empty spot.George seemed lost on his iphone when he heard JO whistled quite loud and he knew what that meant so he grinned not bothering to join his friend as he ogled everything that passed as long as it has watermelons and backside, only two days in uyo a bubbly town he was already having the time of his life it felt so good to shut himself from the world of extravagant glamour


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