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Ladies Should Know That Not Every Mother-in-law Is Bad
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By Gift Ekpobetebe

In recent times, review has shown that many ladies today fear getting married because of the belief that every mother-in-law is wicked, troublesome, unsympathetic, a witch, to mention but a few. But is this reason enough for you not wanting to get married?

Ladies think this way because of the things they’ve been exposed to. Things like; movies where you see the mother-in-law constantly interfering in her son’s home and dictating what goes on in it, stories from their married friends, and even fear of reasons best known to them. Some who has the mind of being called “Mrs somebody” pray for the death of their would-be mother-in-law before even stepping into the marriage. It’s completely absurd!

You see, these ladies may be right or wrong. Some mother-in-laws are actually sweet, a complete role model, easy going character and lovable. Except you want to tell me that you’ve tried being close to all of them and then you came up with your own conclusion. This is the same reason why most ladies before meeting their would-be mother-in-law engage in fasting and prayer.

But the truth is, a person can only give you what you gave out to them. You don’t expect a mother-in-law to be good to you when the very first impression you created when you met her was nothing to write home about, absolutely not!

Your friends told you about how wicked their mother-in-laws are and you practically disrespect yours based on your silly assumptions. On the other hand, mothers-in-law could sometimes be a bone in the throat. Most of them do nothing but see fault in virtually everything their daughter-in-law does, they believe you’re enslaving their son when he assists you in doing some chores he has never done when he was still single and she can also annoyingly interfere in your marriage.

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That notwithstanding, a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law can have a blissful relationship if;

1. The daughter-in-law loves and respects her.

2. The mother-in-law can show some sense of maturity and responsibility to steer the relationship with her daughter-in-law into the haven of love.

3. The mother-in-law accepts the fact that her son is married and he literally belongs to another woman. She can stop intruding in her son’s married life.

4. The daughter-in-law avoids being influenced by other people’s experience. Experience is good but you see marriage experience, it is a different ball game altogether.

Having gotten this in mind, there are some benefits that comes along a mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship;

1. Her daughter-in-law keeps loving her son.
2. The daughter-in-law can trust her mother-in-law with her kids.
3. Unending joy in her son’s home.


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