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to cure malaria use ginger and garlic how

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How To Use Garlic And Ginger To Cure Malaria
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Garlic and ginger are wonderful plants used and known only for the purpose of cooking by many. They are very abundant in many parts of the world, and are extremely common in West-Africa. The health benefits of these plants includes:

1. Control of cancer development.

2. Neutralization of acidic conditions in the body.

3. Prevention and control of fever and cold.

4. An effective and efficient cure for malaria and typhoid coupled with its powerful penetrating sulfur content.

Malaria is a deadly disease that is common and prevalent in many undeveloped and waterlogged parts of the world. Sometimes there are little or no medical attention given to the poor and less privileged suffering from malaria illness, some of these poor people cannot afford good medical attention, then garlic and ginger can be used to cure there malaria illness as they are natural, and affordable.

Even the rich can die of malaria illness maybe as a result of non-chalant health attitudes, and late discovery of the deadly illness in the body. Prevention has always been the best approach to eradication and control of any deadly disease including malaria. Garlic is most effective in the cure of malaria while a combination of garlic and ginger helps in preventing the illness.

Garlic is not easily consumed as a result of its natural unpleasant aroma. This same aroma is repulsive to mosquitoes, and houseflies, in the same way it makes humans uncomfortable.

The easiest way to use garlic is to cook with it, the natural content can add unique flavour and teaste to our food. You can also chew it raw but not in excess, and clean up your mouth immediately after raw consumption to avoid mouth odour.

Ginger is easily consumed, its liquid content is pepper like in nature but helps with cold and cough. Ginger is best consumed fresh, used as cooking ingredients in our dishes, can be grounded in its raw state and used for drinking tea.

Note: Even though garlic has malaria curing powers, there is an exception to its consumption and that is a possible allergy to sulfur. Garlic is rich in sulfur and cannot be taken by any individual that is allergic to sulfur, it is imperative to seek medical advice, and be sure you aren't allergic to sulfur before consuming garlic, or you can take a little of it and observe how it reacts in your body system.

Stay healthy.

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