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to any with your maps and google app location how find on direction phone

Must read How To Find Any Location And Direction On Your Phone With Google Maps App
Traveling can be fun, but navigating through new cities or town can be a little bit difficult especially if you are solo on your journey, or both you and your travel partner are newbies in the visited town, finding different locations be it hotels, churches, streets, schools, ATMs, Restaurants, hospitals etc then becomes difficult, but that shouldn’t be so, technology has made everything easy, with the aid of Android smartphone you don’t have to worry about getting the right direction on any town you travel to, since with a click of some buttons on your smartphone you can find that location with ease,
on this page We will do a little justice to how you can Find Any Location And Direction On Android Phones With Google Maps for Android, read on to find out how.

Google Maps for Android is the best navigating tool and app since its introduction, with google maps you can find any location of the world, google maps go across different platforms there is google maps for PC, IOS, Symbian, and Android, on this post will we discuss on how to Find Any Location And Direction On Android Phones With Google Maps and unique features of google maps for android.

How to Find Any Location And Direction On Android Phones With Google Maps for Android

With the aid of your android smartphones GPS( location) and the google maps for Android app, you can navigate any city you travel to like a king,

First Download or Update the Google maps app on your android smartphone, you can do so on play store or
Launch the Google Maps app after installation, You will be prompted to Turn your phone GPS or Location on,
Now with your location turned on google maps will connect to nearby digital satellites to ascertain your exert location, once your current location is ascertained a green circle will indicate your location on the google maps, you can zoom in to go deeper into the street view of your location, once your exert location is been pointed out every of your movement will be noticed on the google maps, that to say that if you are running or on a moving vehicle your current location icon will be moving alongside.

Now that your current location is detected on the map, you can now find your destination, bus stop, school, church, hospital, restaurants, Hotels, Filling Stations, Markets, Parks, Junctions, business centers etc , to do that click on the GO option on the map , enter the destination on the “choose destination ” option, google maps will provide you with the best route to your destination, with an estimation of the possible time it can take, as you navigate your current location icon also navigates with you, a voice assistance will equally guide you through.
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