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to add google? my i site do how

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How Do I Add My Site To Google?
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How Do I Submit My Site to Google?

To submit your website to Google, you can either add an updated sitemap to your Google account, or submit an indexing request for the desired URL through Fetch as Google. Both processes require site owners to register with Google Search Console.

Here are the specifics of each option:

If you have a brand new site ...

If you're launching a website for the first time, you should first verify you own the site within Google Search Console. Then, submit it here -- select the "submit a sitemap" option once you land on this page.

If you have an existing site and are launching new pages ...

With a web domain already launched, you can still submit new pages for Google to index and rank them accordingly. Anyone used to be able to do this with a page they wanted crawled, whether they owned the page or not. Now, just as you would when launching a brand new website, you must be the URL's owner to ask Google to re-crawl it.

If you own a webpage you'd like Google to re-crawl, you can do a few different things:

Submit an Updated Sitemap

First, you can submit an updated sitemap to ensure it gets listed as quickly as possible. To submit an updated sitemap, log in to Google Search Console and select "Add a Property."

Once you're there, you can submit your updated sitemap for Google so it can begin crawling it as soon as possible.

Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google allows you to view webpages on your site as Google sees them. As a site owner, you can also use this tool to reindex individual URLs once you've fetched them. To do this, log into Google Search Console and select the property you have currently listed with Google.

Along the lefthand sidebar, select Crawl > Fetch as Google, as shown below:

This will pull up a table where you can enter a URL path following your domain name, and "Fetch" this particular webpage on your website. See what this looks like below:

As you can see above, two sample Fetch requests have been listed below the Fetch bar. The status of these fetches is "Partial," but once these fetches are complete, Google will assess their eligibility for reindexing. If the URL you've fetched qualifies, you'll see a "Request Indexing" option appear where the red box is in the screenshot above. Select this option, and Google will begin the process of re-crawling and reindexing this web page.

As stated earlier in this article, indexing requests can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to complete. So, check your Fetch as Google table periodically to see the status of your active indexing requests.

Based on the above instructions, you may be wondering if you need to submit an updated sitemap or indexing request every time you publish a new page. If you're updating critically important content that you'd like Google to recognize quickly, you certainly could do so. But keep in mind Google also re-crawls pages on its own, and it's ok to let this process work in the background as you regularly create and update your content.

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