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Forum Coins: What Is The Uses And How Can I Earn More Of It
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Wapforum is like a home to some, while it serves as a useful resource to some.
Wapforum is not just a forum, But everything about Web, What makes life better indeed in it.
Today We launched a Great system Called Forum Coins.
You will have been seeing this Beside Your Username, But you don't really know what it means, or you will just think its a unique ID giving to members, That's hell NO.

What is Forum Coins

Forum coins an acceptable means of payment only on wapforum,
You shocked!!
Forum coins is an online currency and also serve as Acceptance forms of payment, Let me explain this better.

Currently on the forum, kindly check your forum coins beside the Notification, You will see something like e.g Your username (₦135780.36).
Yeah, that's your Forum Coins, You can use it to do all sorts of things on this forum.

What Can Forum Coins Be Used For (The Usefulness)

You've asked a great question, As I said earlier the coins serve as a lot of purposes, I will break it down for you.
All Sort of purpose you can use the coins for are listed below:-

1. You can use the coins to purchase premium items on the Forum e.g Like Plugins, PHP Scripts, Themes, etc.
You can use your coins to purchase all that in Wapforum Store, Click here to Visit the Store

2. Secondly on how you can spend your coins,
When You Have Upto N5000 forum Credits, You can use it to advertise on Wapforum And Boost your Business in front of other members.

3. We are launching a new System, where you can earn Physical cash by Selling your coins to us and we pay you to your Bank accounts, That sound Surprised??.

But we are still developing Tools that will handle that, For Now, You can Spend your Forum Coins in two ways Listed Above.

How Can I Earn More Forum Coins?

You've asked a brilliant question!
We made our system simple on how to earn coins, I think you have been doing that since but really don't notice.

How To Earn Coins
1. You Earn N100 When You Refer someone to register on wapforum,
Every Wapforumians have his/her own unique Referral ID, to check yours kindly Click your profile beside the notification, and you will see something like To refer a member to this board, direct them to

That's my own referral ID, when you give it to your friends and relatives and they register using your ID Link, You will earn N100 forum coins instantly.

2. New Thread: when you create a new post, you earn N20 forum coins, I mean a unique Post, It might be News, Tech, Etc.
Click here to Create a post

3. When You Reply To Others People Post, You Earn N5 forum coins, and if you type a reply that's is longer than 15 Character/Text, You earn N10 forum coins.

4. When you send Private Message (PM) to other people on the forum, You also earn Per chat Send.

5. When You Create A thread, Each Member that Reply To It, You! The Author Of The Post Will N2 Forum coins, if They Comment on your thread, Let say 30 Members comment on your thread, 30 x 2, wow!! you now have enough coins to purchase the YOAST PREMIUM PLUGIN am selling in the Store.

That's Means All Activities On The Forum Is Now A Resource That You Can Use To Get What You Don't Have.

How Can I Use My Forum Coins To Advertise On Wapforum
When You Have N5000 Forum Coins, You Can Send Me Private Message Here On The Forum, You Send Me Your Banner Or How You Want The Ads, And We Deducted Your Coins, And Your Ads Will Be Approved.

Note: The ads will Be Display For Two Days, After That We Remove It, And You Will Need To Wait for A Week Before You Can Place Ads So that other members can enjoy it also.

How Can I Purchase Premium Items On The Forum
Not much, Visit the Store here and Scroll for items you need and its price HERE

You can also Earn N100 when You Sell Premium Items e.g Like Wordpress Theme, Scripts, Plugins Etc. You get N100 forum coins for each member that Purchases it.

Once You Posted It For Sell, We Approve it First Before Making It Visible In The Store

Sell Your First Item Today

Important Note:
This is not a Ponzi or Online Income System, Remember we are Currently on The Nigerian Public Forum (Wapforum), So we just made this system to just made the Forum Coins More Valuable, You Grab?

If you have any Inquiries or what You don't understand, Just Comment Below And Earn N5 Coins


This thing just dey sweat me aswear.


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