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transact a with don he scammer guy this is t deadly

Must read Dont Transact With This Guy, He Is A Deadly Scammer
Last week, we got a report of a scammer
Read it here http://wapforum.com.ng/Thread-must-read-...o-know-him

Am wonder why there is so much scanners in our community.

Here is another hot scammer that want to scam a Facebook user identify as Olusesi Ibrahim Oz

Read full statement and evidence from Ibrahim Olusesi

OPEYEM TOOGUN is a scammer that claim to be
He has scam people alot of people but falls when
he cross my lane
***He do pretend to be a politician somewhere in
Nigeria ...saying he do sell Bitcoin to sponsor him
self during the election
***I caught him when he begged for money ..I ask
for his bank account details then he provided one
with no name , I ask for the name but he said I
should send it that way that his sister owns the
account..lol....when I mouthed that I caught him
then he blocked me # lol

*He gave me an account number with his real
name in the SCAM account ....when serching that
name on facebook I found him....
*After all my survey I called him instead of I to
start the conversation with "hello OLABISI" but am
more smarter I said "OPEYEMI HOWFAR" then
one of his friend which pick the call and said he is
coming to pick the phone then I spoke with him
after he realize that I got him ...

he quit the call #lol
Then blocked me in all his accounts lol
Cheapest and dullest scammer that as ever come
my way...I have more evidence to provide if you

#keep your coin and don't loose to scammers ...
Please kindly REBROADCAST let send him away
from the net , the net is ours not his father property
Let save the others that as not been scammed
Share as I post
Thanks in advance

Check the Guy profile here Olabisi Jacob Onamila

You guys beware of scammers, and if you encounter any smell of scammer, don't hesitate to alert us in the forum and post your evidence.

Share and saves someone from scammer
There's Love In Sharing Big Grin
matter arising ???
never say never believe
d poor guy must chop na
let ur freak flag fly
@teejay, must person scam before making it in life,
Think your word twice
There's Love In Sharing Big Grin
Well well well ....the guy will regret
(11-06-2018, 08:52 PM)flexible Wrote:
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, must person scam before making it in life,
Think your word twice

he might sucks at other option of making it
let ur freak flag fly

This is Nigeria

look at my nation o
Idea Nσnsence Remains Nonsence Even When Spoken By Famous Scientist
scammers and their tricks

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