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Must read Beware Of The Atm Card Deactivation Bvn Scam
You are advised to always be vigilant and careful
with all the SMSes you receive, especially those
relating to your banking details, however minute
or urgent it may seem.

Many fraudsters are out there brainstorming day
and night, and taking advantage of every single
opportunity to source out people's financial
details, so they could rob them of their hard
earned money supposedly resting safely in their
bank accounts.

Of recent, I got a SMS telling me in quote.
"Dear customer, your ATM card
has been temporarily De-
activated, for Re-activation kindly
contact the interswitch
management on 08108307601
for more information."

There have also been some other messages too
as you can see from the screenshot below:

At first, what came to my memory was BVN
because I was certain my card expires 2017 (I
use it for many online transaction . So I know and
didn't need checking).

Then I remembered I've
already gotten mine (BVN) and have been using
my ATM card seamlessly ever since. So why
would there be any problem now?
Moreover, I use MasterCard. So what have
interswitch got to do with mastercard issues?
So I got suspicious and one quick glance
confirmed my suspicion.

The sender was using a
11-digit MTN phone number. Furthermore, the
sender suggested I contact another MTN
number. So it was obviously a Scam!

So always be cautious of the content of any text
message or email you receive as well as the
sender contact detail.

It's most likely that if I'd called that phone
number, I'm gonna be requested for my card
details. E.g. My pin, card number, CVV and
probably name, etc.
With these details, a cloned debit card can be
generated and used to withdraw all my money.

Or better yet, my card details can be entered on
payments gateways (e.g. Quickteller, Getbarter ,
etc) and all my money transferred to another

So stay on the alert and be careful lest
you fall into peril.

Please try to share and save people
There's Love In Sharing Big Grin
I Love To Help.
Idea Nσnsence Remains Nonsence Even When Spoken By Famous Scientist
Thanks for the update

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