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Best Guide On How To Do Keyword Research 2020
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How To Do Keyword Research 2020 — To make any
SEO campaign successful, it is very important to have
a proper Keyword Research.
Before knowing Keyword Research Tips, we need to
know what is Keyword.
How To Do Keyword Research 2020
What Is Keyword ?
Whenever you put a query in Input (Search) in any
search engine, it would be a Keyword just like I am
telling you here that Keyword Research is a basic
factor for ranking also.
Types of Keyword
Keywords are mainly of 3 types. as written below
Short tail keyword
Mid Tail Keyword
Long tail keyword
Now, one by one, we are to know about the Keyword
of all these types.
1. Short Tail Keyword: – Those keywords which are of
length one or two word, we call them Short Tail
Keyword. Such as , Best Coffee , or Hot Coffee . Etc
Short Tail Keywords are very useful, but they are very
competitive keywords.
Types of keyword
2. Mid Tail Keyword: – The keywords that range
between 3 to 4 words, they call Mid Tail Keyword.
Mid Tail Keyword are very useful keywords, their
Search Volume is high and they are Medium
Competitive Keyword. In the current time, most use
Mid Tail Keyword only.
For example: – Best Mobile under 10000 or Best
Mobile In Market
3. Long Tail Keyword : – These are keywords whose
word length is more than 4 characters. The use of
Long Tail Keyword has also started to be quite high
these days. People also use Long Tail Keyword for
Such as Best On Page Optimization techniques In
2020 or What Is The On-Page Optimization
techniques In 2020 .
So these are the types of keywords that you have now
known here, now let us know what is the Importance
of Doing Keyword Research .
Why is Keyword Research Important
for SEO
How To Do Keyword Research 2020 — Keyword
research is very important for any SEO campaign to
become successful. Because with the help of
Keyword, you rank your content or website in Search
21th Century Keyword Research is a type of market
research. Just like without proper market research you
cannot be successful in business, similarly without
proper keyword research then you cannot be
successful in SEO campaign.
How Keyword Research Will Helps Your Site’s Traffic
I know that you must be thinking that there are many
other ways to rank the website like On Page SEO, Off
Page SEO, Link building, etc.
But the thing to think is that if you do not do proper
keyword research, then you will be ranked in the
search engine, then there will be no meaning.
Because there will not be a search volume for that
keyword, then there will be no traffic in your website.
Therefore you need to do a Perfect Keyword and
Perfect Keyword Research to grow the website’s
How to do Keyword Research ?

read all my tips below


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