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All What You Need To Know About Wapforum And Our New Features This Year
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Hi, Dear Wapforumian,
If you are new to Wapforum,
C'mon we are like brothers here, we help each other out of hard situation.

So here in wapforum we brings up a lot of benefits to its member, We organised Quiz and Competition for Bloggers which will yield them traffics to their blogs.

Now we are back and setting up a big targets on the forum, Am sure you will enjoy being with us.

Firstly, How did you see the new Design in Wapforum, Yeah similar to Nairaland?

As Old members here, you should remember our man of the week?

We are coming up in a new dimension like before, am offline from the forum because i went for my Industry Training (I.T) as a computer instructor.

Here are the list of our new agenda for our members
1. We are starting back our "Man of the week" on This Thursday as usual
For new member who does not know what's Man of the week all about, "it's a competition for bloggers only, Where by you nominate yourself on a post which will be posted on Thursday, So On Saturday we will piled up all the names of Candidates on a new post as well.
So you candidates/Nominatee will ask people to vote for you, The highest vote win and his blog will be placed as an advertisement on the forum for another week, when another competition will start.

2. Blog Visits
3. Special request
4. Face of the week

That's how will roll here, and each our blogs keep moving forward, incase you have a problem You can make a post and express your problem, we are here as a brothers to help you

Remember, Man of the week nomination will start on Thursday, Get ready if you want traffics for your blog.

One Wapforum, We United

wow! I can't belief my site here @flexible, infact i'm back again for another exciting time. Bravo on the new design.
I thought i clicked on nairaland when i logged in.
Goodwork. But there is still alot more to do in the new theme like:
1. I'm logged in but the header is still welcoming me as guest.
2. Some text size is too large(disorganised).

Man of the week
Good point starting this back again, hope it last this time. But i think u are still missing a point here @flexible. The competition was not originally for bloggers only. Back then a year or two ago when i won this competition it was a general competition for both bloggers and non bloggers. My ranks wouldn't have won the man of the week if it was just for bloggers alone.
My humble suggestion is that you change the man of the week to general and not only bloggers competition.

flexible likes this post

Nice theme here, i was confused when i saw nairaland theme only to see wapforum as a header. Nice theme though perfect for a forum.

Am always interested in the man of the week, although havent won for the first time


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