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A New Online Scammer Have Been Detected, Enter Here To Know Him
(12.9k )
This Alert was made by a facebook user identify as Osarogiuwa Promise

This is the new trick scammers use.... A guy came
to my inbox yesterday by the name Joseph
, he told me he wanted to buy my PayPal
funds and he said he was going to pay 330, that
was already a red flag for me. We kept on
chatting, the next thing he did was to send me a
post containing the names of Moses Sokale Anu
Atolagbe and other guys recommending him...

Then he tagged me to another post where these
same guys recommended him but I got to
understand that those recommendations from those
guys were real but he edited the name and placed
his name there so it looks like they were actually
recommending him..

I even inboxed Anu Atolagbe
and he told me he doesn't know this guy in
question... Meanwhile the guy was trying to
convince an old man in the system that he
guarantees instant payment. I still was not moved
because earlier on a guy cloned the account of
Davie Louie just to transact with me but was

When he noticed that I was solid. This
Joseph Samuel then opened a Facebook account
with the name of Tom Blaize Gabriel claiming he
was legit. I checked the profile and the account
was created just yesterday , he even said
he will send me his ID card which I believe would
also be forged too.. ..

Later at night I
received a message from a guy who said i should
not proceed with the transaction with the Joseph
Samuel because he was almost scammed too..
But at the end the idiot blocked me after seeing he
was busted... Guys beware of any Joseph Samuel
on your list...

As long as you are an Internet
marketer, entrepreneur or whatever you do to earn
online. Please go to your profile and drop a
disclaimer that before you do business with anyone
claiming to be me, make a Facebook video call to

If you drop your real number, these boys can
clone your phone number.. If they can clone a real
Facebook account then anything is possible!!! I
have attached the name of the idiot and the
recommendation he sent me.

Please guys beware of scanner, they full everywhere,
be wise when doing business.

Always ask people online before bargain business with someone,

i may be a scammer, you may be a scammer, They don't write in on forehead.

You can check the Guy profile here Joseph

please share this to all friends to avoid story that touched.

Wapforumians Be Wise!!!!!

hammedlawal likes this post

Info assimilated

Information Tapped by #NaijaTap... He is not even on my friend list. And i dont do any online buss with any one.. Shisha_goza


nice info

That guy is a fool


Ok bro thanks for notifying the public

nice one @flexible

info keot


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