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9 Untold Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Entertainment Niche Website
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Want to get massive traffic? this article will explain in details how to drive traffic to entertainment Niche websites.

After setting up your website, the number priority of every bloggers who cares is getting traffic.

Not fame, Not Money but traffic first. As soon as you begin to get good amount of traffic to your website, Fame, Money and other essentials will surely follow.

Unlike other blogging Niches , Getting traffic to entertainment websites could be very difficult because their keywords are not highly demanded and the few highly demanded keywords are already crowded with huge numbers of competitors.

In my previous article about Website traffic, i mentioned some unspecified Niche methods to get free website traffic but here , am going to be specific on generating traffic to entertainment Niche website.

What’s Entertainment Niche Website?

Entertainment Niche websites happens fall on many categories such as Music,Lyrics, Games, Videos-(Downloads), News, Gists, etc …..

So, if you have any website on any any of the above categories or related categories then we say you’re an entertainment Blogger.

Having understood what it means by entertainment niche website, let’s further to how to drive traffic to entertainment niche websites. Read on..

How to drive Traffic to entertainment Niche Websites
Entertainment Blog Commenting Sites:
Am very sure you should know your niche and your competitors better than i do.
Visit some of these reputable blogs in your entertainment Niche which allows blog commenting.
I didn’t say You should spam. Just be real and comment like it’s fun while you strategically drop links to some hottest blog posts in your site.
Most of these entertainment Blog commenting sites don’t even moderate their comments. if you happen to discover such ones , then you should be a smart spammer dropping links here and there but spam like a pro.
Doing this will create awareness about your blog and also help you build quality backlinks to your entertainment Niche site for free.

Juicy Headlines:
As an entertainment Blogger, you need Headline strategies that works. You don’t just pick Headlines to your posts, You need to choose irresistible and tempting to click Headlines.
Such Headlines will convert more on social medias such as Google+ , Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…
Take for instance : Olamide and his new Wife Inside the Bedroom, Buhari and His new Born baby photographstrust me, as far as you’re targeting Nigeria audience, headlines of such categories will drive more organic and social media clicks.
Learn to blog entertainment related subjects with tempting to click Headlines as an ent. blogger.

Use Photographs:{Pictures)
Alongside with your Juicy headlines, Use photoes to entice your blog readers to spend more time in your blog thereby increasing their engagement.
When posting, don’t forget to use photos related to your posts as featured images on your homepage.
Some of your readers won’t click on your posts because of your Headlines, they will only click because of the interpretation seen on your images.
Studies has shown that posts that convert more on social medias like Facebook are posts with relevant images.
Take for instance: You shared a new post of Buhari in Aso Rock if you Add some pretty cool pictures of the president moves and his securities in action. That post will get more views than when you only shared without using images.
Personally, I have experimented this on my entertainment niche website time without numbers.
I did my experiment by sharing the same article twice. One with images the other without images.After about 24hrs , The article shared with images got more likes, engagement and clicks. You can also experiment this to see the result.

We Didn’t Forget SEO:
Am sure you’re already expecting to see S.E.O first or second on our list. We didn’t make it earlier on the list because i always preach to entertainment Niche bloggers and Website owners not to rely on organic traffic as their major traffic sources.
Unlike TECH and other blogging Niches were organic traffic can be the only and reliable traffic source. As an entertainment Blogger i have found out that Social media has always remained the greatest traffic tool.
To drive traffic to entertainment Niche website, i never said SEO is not important. What am trying to drive out here is that “You shouldn’t rely on it as an entertainment Blogger”.
Fix Your SEO and do your proper Optimization just like other niche bloggers. Even if you get 10% traffic from Google, that will do you some good.

You Need Design Restructure
Sure: Your website design can equally affect your website traffic. As an entertainment Blogger who is looking forward to get more page views and traffic, you need to have a good design.
take a glance at your competitors blogs, what did you see?. Take them as a role model and keep your website design clean and easy to navigate.
Must your readers use glasses before reading from your site? hmmm they won’t like that. Too much colors are bad. don’t Blindfold your readers.
If your website design is bad, the next time you share a link or your readers come across your link, they immediately skip it because of the previous experience they had on your site.

YouTube Videos:
YouTube is yet another means to drive traffic to entertainment Niche websites. If you study your competitors very well, you will notice almost all of them if not all have YouTube channels because they understood this YouTube traffic generation strategy very well.
You just created a post about Davido, If you can add davido music video and lyrics as a YouTube attachment. you will also get more views through your YouTube channels.
In your YouTube Description Area, you can add links to your website with test like (If you want more Davido videos and posts Click here) at times , your website might not be crawled yet these YouTube videos keep driving you organic traffic through YouTube.
leave no stone unturned: Try YouTube videos as well. Get started by creating YouTube channels , upload videos related to your posts . optimize your videos and add your Website links.
In doing this, You’re driving traffic and at the same time you’ve just built dofollow Google backlink to your blog.

What About Social Media?
social medias can also help drive good amount of traffic to any type of entertainment Niche website.
Take a look at how Facebook works below:
If someone likes or shares anything like video or webpage it appears to every friend in his/her list.
If someone becomes fan, every new entry in fan page section appears on fans wall and Facebook feed of the user.
If any of his/her friend likes, shares or becomes fan above process repeats it self.

When sharing Articles on social media to drive traffic to entertainment websites, Here is one model that actually works.
Don’t Just share the post link and titles: Give a little description of what your post is talking about, Add a descriptive image as an attachment to your post before hitting on publish button.
Believe me: it can be very stressful but if you can take it as a must complete task, you will later find it easy while you drive traffic to your entertainment blog for free.[/size]
[size=undefined]Think of Paid Promotion:
Paid promotion is also one good way to drive traffic to entertainment niche websites.
For entertainment Niche websites, i don’t usually recommend running Facebook Ads or pay per click Advertisements (PPC) unless for some reasons.
Perhaps you can pay a trustworthy Friend who will be copying and rewriting articles from other related niche blogs to your ent. blog.
After posting, He share them on various social media platforms. You can chose any payment model. maybe monthly, Weekly or per post.
You can also place adverts or sponsored posts on other related niche websites to create awareness about your website.[/size]
[*]Wrapping Up: How to drive traffic to Entertainment Niche Websites

To get more social media traffic, Always member to share your recent posts consistently with brief introductions and attractive images

Share on your timeline , Groups, Pages and other of your friends timelines as well

Possibly, Connect Entertainment Niche Group Admins with large social followers to post your articles while you pay some money for promoting your posts on their Facebook groups.

Use videos in your entertainment Niche website to boost your traffic: Videos can be more entertaining than other products in most cases.

You’re just a newcomer online therefore succumb to your competitors and don’t you ever think you can outrank them overnight

Creating an entertainment website with huge numbers of followers is not that easy because of the numbers of competitors online but with time , Persistence and hard working you must surely get there.

Concentrate at first in building your blog rather than thinking of making money from your blog first. when you build it money will come.


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