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monsters murray such and by 1959 leinster

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Monsters And Such (1959) By Murray Leinster
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[Image: _51fa587a10c03b3b8367c869be82a61b.jpeg]
pdf | 9.2 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0036WE8RU | Author: Murray Leinster | Year: 1949


Quote:Things that creep, crawl and crouch in dark corners of space and time. Things that run, fly and chase through the endless night. And things that just sit and wait.

Here are stories of the inhuman and nonhuman, the strange creatures from way out there.

Such as Alyx, the only living thing on his world-- because there wasn't room for anything else.

And those crazy, inhuman things called Mocklins, who could make their children into whatever they wished. Mocklins admired human genius and human deviltry. . . and they were quick to multiply both a hundredfold.

Or those vegetable creatures who gretted the earth expeditions near Proxima Centauri. They, too, loved humans--preferably raw.

And there are others even more ghastly.

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· The Castaway · nv Universe Jun '53
· Proxima Centauri · na Astounding Mar '35
· Nobody Saw the Ship · ss Future May/Jun '50
· The Trans-Human · ss Science Fiction Plus Dec '53
· De Profundis · ss Thrilling Wonder Stories Win '45

Category:Horror, Science Fiction



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