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boy mayhem dirty talking p b bad macias t

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Mayhem Bad Boy Dirty Talking B - P T Macias
(85 )
[Image: 40944b6e459e9f651033a1df8aaa0b04.png]
epub | 201.73 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B4MZX6NX | Author: P.T. Macias | Year: 2022


Quote:~ ~ Mayhem ~ The MC is in my blood. I'm an MC brat. I'm the Sergeant At Arms. I take care of my Prez and the MC. No one fucks with us. The run went bad. The fuckers shot me. The package is gone. The fuckers took my bike. I'm bleeding. I call the Uber. The Angel saves me.

~ ~ Shiloh ~ I'm starting a new life. I'm living in the shadow. My life is on the down low. I can't call attention. I wouldn't go back. The MC is lethal. I need to forget my past. It's hard. It hurts. But I'm my father's daughter. I got this. I get a call for a ride. The guy is bleeding. He looks close to death. He has a Cut. He's a fucking biker. I can't help a biker. I don't trust bikers. But. He's hurt; he needs me. His eyes are the window to his soul. It's mine. I'll help the biker. I'll be damned.

~ ~ Please note that this story is full of action, violence, dirty talking bad boy bikers, slang, romance, steamy scenes, and HEA

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Category:Action & Adventure Short Stories, Action & Adventure Short Stories, Crime Action & Adventure



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