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love poems

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Love Poems
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You said you loved me, you said you loved me unconditionally! You said I did not accept you for who you are ! Love is about hearing what someone needs and accepting that they do not align with your needs but it is not holding on but loving them enough to let them go or building bridge that entertains both your needs.
I was not just seeking love , I was trying to find all the barriers I have built against Love. I do not trust love, easily! We are always testing each others love! We are in fear of real love! We are in fear of not being loved! We sometimes are enslaved by love! We use the word love, when we are in fear of losing something! We love with expectation! We taint Love! We misconstrue love! We try to control love! We think love is sex.
My barriers to love are fairytale needs. My ego. My inability to forgive. My expectations, My fears of being hurt. My attraction to people who want there independence more than they want a relationship. My need to control what I cannot in another person. That I still look at times for someone to complete me. I give all of me away hoping that you will love me. I stood in front of you ready to break down all my barriers, with you. I know that I had love for you even if you did not want to always show me who you are. I realize when people show you who they are believe them. If they build barriers to seeing who they are do not make excuses for them to not romanticize them, and do not think you can change them. When somebody does not love you completely it is not about you it is about them and they are not obviously right person to love you. If they do not want show all parts of themselves and show their vulnerability when you have revealed all of you, than it is likely time to let them go!
Posted by karma_sage at 10:15 PM
Body Blue
His body sleek and dark,
moisture clung to his chest like rain drops on leaves after a rain.
His eyes dark and intense watching her.
Every inch of his body was defined by muscular curves.
My eyes were drawn to the outline of his body and shading of every muscle defined, it is haunting.
I want to reach out with my finger tips and trace and caress each line as if I had drawn him myself.
The curvature of his dark buttocks entice me they evoke love in me,
He has the hands of an artist with his every touch.
He explores me with his mouth, his eyes, and his touch.
I am filled with desire, heat , and wetness which I believe is created from his love because I have not felt this before.
I believe my touch is filled with love he thinks it is about sex and desire.
He sees only my desire but withholds from himself my feelings of love and passion.
He loves my wetness this is not just sex but is how my body reacts when I feel love for someone.
The wanting is not enough, the communication is not enough, the passion I show is not enough, even the times I have loved him with out judgment have never been enough. My rejection turns to anger and impatience, my ego takes over and I respond with cold wo


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