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a in teen edition circle love 2 by mrcally part

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Love In A Circle (teen Edition) Part 2. By: Mrcally
(5.1k )
... you are inviting expulsion.

I just loved Olivia from first sight and letter learned that she is a descent girl and so i love her even more. I wanted to get close to her but because i was still shy i couldn't, so from the moment i heard the principal's announcement all dreams about her ends a nightmare. "The door is locked" I said to myself. I dashed every hope of having her and start considering my next option, i was love sick and wants a girl to fill the vacuum created in my heart.

3 weeks letter


Its holiday. My parents have already planned how i'll spend my holiday, they arranged for me to spend most of my holiday in Lagos with my only Uncle, he works in an online marketing company in Lekki.
I was so excited about the trip because for more than 3yrs i haven't seen my cousin Lilian and my little cousins, we only talk on phone and chat via social networks.


When i arrived Lilian was away for an errand, after 30 minutes she came back and saw me with her little siblings, wow! She ran and embrace me with a hug and a Kiss in the check. We had a long conversation.

The holiday was the funniest and the craziest i have ever seen. By day, We eat, play, tour and explore places, meet Lilian's friends, attend extra classes etc. By night, my Uncle would take us to parties, concert etc.

Two days before i return back to Porthar-court Lilian approached me privately while it was still very early.
"Good morning ken"
"Morning, how was your night?" I ask
"It was fun as usual."
We talk for a while, then she said; "Ken, i want you to meet a special someone."
"Who's that?" I asked excitedly.
"Its someone who add a lot of meaning to my life, my Boyfriend"
"Wow, where is him? "I was expecting to see him immediately.
"Home, We will visit him today"
"Ok " She leaves and i was jealous already. "I wish a girl can describe me like this" I said to myself. Quickly i moved on to get ready for an eventful day.

Letter that day we met Zack, Lilian's boyfriend. He liked me so much and so we became friends and exchange contacts. Lilian was happy that i was friendly with Zack.

On our way back Lilian's phone rang. She answered the call, after she said to me; "Ken, One last visit Please" I accepted but ask. "Who's that?"
"My friend Chioma " she answered.

When we get there Lilian knock on the door, it opened and it was Olivia. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
She snob Lilian and scream "Kennnn!"
"Wow! Is this Olivia?" I asked excitedly
"Yes, i'm" she was looking fond of me.
"Do you know each other?" Lilian finally broke silence.
"Yes, in my new school" Olivia replied.


Meeting Olivia that day changed my life. We started talking to each other on phone, chat on Facebook, exchange text messages. I learned that she loved me.
I decided to text her "I love you". I was surprised by her next action. She didn't reply. I waited for the longest 4hours of my life to get a reply from her. Just what i expected. "I love you too".

That was the most exciting day of my life, i couldn't believe its true, i read the text more than 20 times, i switch my phone off and on again and still read the text 5 times more but still think i was dreaming. I took a razor blade and gave my left hand a cut, it bleed but i didn't feel the pain.
Holiday was almost over, i finally returned home from a long trip marked by fun and good memoires, one i will never forget for eternal.
Mom and dad was excited to welcome me back home, i missed them but they missed me the more because i was their only Child, the house was so big and empty, lonely and boring to stay.
I couldn’t wait for them to ask before i related to them everything about my trip, from how Lilian welcomed me with hug and kiss to how i met Olivia and how we became friends today lovers tomorrow and so on...
My mom said it was fun to hear about my trip and urge me to consider putting the experience into writing, i gladly accepted.
They ask series of questions about Olivia, i answered the little i knew about her. They ask that i should invite her home and i did.
The day of the meeting with Olivia mom prepared a nice meal for the meeting.
Olivia arrived in an obscure home feeling uncomfortable at first, but was encouraged by the warm reception she received from my family.
Thanks to that visit i learnt allot about her, and i was glad she enjoyed staying with my family.
When she was going i accompanied her past the gate, We arrange for our first date in a music concert.
I arrived first and gave her a call, she said she will be there 10 in minutes, i waited and the show was on. She arrived and quickly identified where i was sitting and walk up and sat in a sit i reserved for her.
"Sorry for the delay sweetie." she whispered.
"Is ok honey, i hope your Journey was save?"
She hold my hand and look into my eyes and said "Yes it was, but traffic kept me longer than i expected"
Her face was so sexy and inviting so i stretch my hands and grab her shoulder, pulling her close to my chest and gave her a passionate kiss.


2 days letter

School will soon resume.
I called Frank and Uche to hear about how they spent their holiday, i couldn't wait so i revealed to them that i am dating Olivia. They laughed and ask if i was intoxicated? They never believed.

School resumed the next day, i arrived very early as usual, i went up to the classroom there were few classmate tidying up the classroom so i joined them.
Uche soon joined me, when we are done we both held to the corridor there we rested our hands in the parapet while stranding and discussing. Frank letter joined us.

"Wow! Look!" Frank exclaimed.
"What? " me and Uche ask.
"Ken, look, Olivia is coming, you said you are dating? Now is time you prove what you said"
Uche laughed, "So you believed him?" he ask Frank.
Frank. "Not really though, but Ken don't play with lies".
"It's true" I said assuredly.
We argued until she was close so Frank and Uche kept silent and watches, i was anxious of Olivia's action.
She was passing, she didn't saw me so i called "Baby"
She turned and saw me.
"Wow! Sweetheart, i didn't know you are there." she said and gave me a quick hug.
I introduced her to Frank and Uche.
When she leaves they marveled. After hearing the whole story Uche said "Its a LOVE IN A CIRCLE"

>>>>The End <<<<

Lovely story

(18-08-2018, 06:34 PM)Abbey Wrote: Lovely story

Thanks Sir.

Pls do you spot any mistake even a grammatical error?

(18-08-2018, 08:42 PM)MrCally Wrote:
(18-08-2018, 06:34 PM)Abbey Wrote: Lovely story

Thanks Sir.

Pls do you spot any mistake even a grammatical error?

From my own ends, the story is well constructed and well organised. Above all, the story as a whole is very interesting. Bravo!

good one

(18-08-2018, 11:23 PM)mrfash Wrote: good one

Thanks Sir


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