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powers of the logic

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Logic Of The Powers
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[Image: 6ee3fe2a21cb76dcc10a845a0c2fe9ce.png]
epub | 1.16 MB | English | Isbn:9780429558498 | Author: Pak Nung Wong | Year: 2012


Quote:What global future would ensure hope, justice and peace to the human mankind?
In view of a fast evolving post-Covid world order, this volume explores a novel Christian post-colonial approach to global affairs. It examines the existing 'sociology of the powers' theoretical scheme, the debate between Christian realism and Christian pacifism, the method and practice of prophetic witnessing, to elaborate a new Christian approach to statecraft and futurology in terms of theory, methodology and ontology.
This book:
- Uses the COVID-19 pandemic as the background to examine why and how the pandemic has accelerated the US's decline, and to identify the tacit game rules that contributed to the UK government's mishandling of the pandemic;
- Compares the political systems between China and the West, and engages with selected theoretical narratives from the Global South to envision an alternative 'shared globalisation' project;
- Argues why it is important for post-colonial Christian individuals and communities to get involved in this global discussion for a new world order of complex realist interdependencies grounded on hope, social justice and peace.
A fresh take on global politics and international relations, this volume will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of political science, religious studies, peace studies, theology and future studies.

Category:Logic, Philosophy of Logic & Language



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