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algebra linear on lectures

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Lectures On Linear Algebra
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[Image: 21a65699479bd1885c63d47817cf5696.png]
pdf | 11.05 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 979-8514136292 | Author: Marco Taboga | Year: 2021


Quote:This book is a collection of 98 short and self-contained lectures on some of the most important topics in linear algebra. There are hundreds of examples, solved exercises and detailed derivations of important results. The step-by-step approach makes the book easy to understand and ideal for self-study. One of the main aims of the book is to be a time saver: proofs are never left to the reader; all the exercises are fully solved; useful concepts from previous chapters are systematically referenced; the reader is always shown how to do the tedious algebra! The topics covered by the book are divided into 12 main parts, as follows. PART 1 - The algebra of numeric arrays; PART 2 - Linear spaces; PART 3 - Matrix rank and inversion; PART 4 - Linear maps; PART 5 - Systems of linear equations; PART 6 - Special matrices and equivalence; PART 7 - Complex vectors and inner products; PART 8 - Determinants; PART 9 - Polynomials; PART 10: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; PART 11: Matrix polynomials; PART 12: Jordan form.

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