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5 Underground Secrets You Don’t Know About Blogging
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Secrets actually are no big deal. They’re simply what you don’t know. Most ideas we call secrets are so common, but since you don’t know it, you won’t take advantage of the benefits.

I hope to open your big eyes to the world of blogging and what you can achieve with it.

Note: These are the exact secrets probloggers and industry experts use to climb and remain at the forefront of their businesses. It’s guaranteed to work for you. Let’s dine together:

1. It’s Not About You

Have you read the “it’s not about you phrase” before? See, when you’re blogging, it has nothing to do with your academic qualifications and the numerous awards and achievements you’re acquired. If you truly want to grow and touch lives around the world, forget about you and immerse yourself wholly into readers’ life.

They’ve problems and they expect you to help them with helpful answers. That’s the first underground secret for building a profitable blog.

2. Blogging Is Hardwork

Is hardwork a secret? Yes, it is. Most bloggers don’t even know that to succeed in this competitive world, you need to put in extra efforts. Working hard as a blogger doesn’t have to scare you.

Most bloggers complain because, they’ve neglected their passion for something else. Even if blogging is hardwork, if you’re passionate about the subject or niche you’ve chosen, it’ll be fun and productive.

But don’t overlap issues and think you can sail smoothly without beating your heads, especially at the teething stage. Dedicate your time and zeal for blogging – it’s worth your every ounce.

3. Blogging Is a Business

What’s a business?

We’re so blind to the reality of starting a blog. We tend to forget that blogging isn’t just a marketing tool; it’s actually a real business. And as such, you need to organize it, manage the various arms and produce quality products.

Why most folks are not making enough money from their blogs are because, they’ve neglected to handle it as a business. They simply wake up every morning, think of an idea to blog about, and when nothing happens at the end of the month, they give up.

Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Michael Chibuzor, David Risley and other great guys who have discovered this secret are growing in length and width. Blogging is not for unserious minds. If you’re not ready to invest time at creating excellent and exceptional contents, you had better look for a 9-5 job. Lol!

4. Blogging Is Free Advertising

Oh, I love this secret so much.

Blogging is a perfect platform to advertise your products and services. Most people do not sell from their blogs. Sorry, they actually do sell affiliate programs. And to this, I think they’re missing out real time.

Instead of wasting time trying to get $12 – $55 in commission from a single affiliate sale, why not turn your blog into a billboard to advertise your professional services? I strongly believe you could turn a profit within a short time if you begin to advertise what you do, instead of what others do (affiliate marketing).

No, I’m not saying affiliate marketing is a bad business model; all I’m saying is that you should consider “minding your business.” Savvy bloggers mind their businesses, newbie and money-conscious bloggers mind others’.

5. Blogging Can Be Leveraged

The most powerful underground secret for bloggers is that you can leverage this very business to connect with the world. As a freelance writer, I’ve been featured at online magazines both offline and online. Several media sites and portals have interviewed me and more are still coming.

Thanks to blogging. Who would have imagined that a 23 year old writer could impact lives around the world with words? When you see blogging as a real business, only then can you leverage to make more money and build an empire.

You could as well turn your blog into a membership site and charge a fair subscription fee. Who doesn’t want extra income out of her business? Leverage is the master key. Get your blog to the level whereby the world would be delighted to work with you. Can you do that?

Blogging Squash!

Did you enjoy my 5 underground blogging secrets? I’m sure you now have a different mindset concerning blogging. Now, get started with the ideas. But before then, leave a comment and let me know what you think. Stay gracious and happy blogging.

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