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Lack Of Team Work Has Made Many Business To Fail In Nigeria - Aroms Aigbehi
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Salt is used to preserve life. It is called in chemistry Sodium Chloride. It is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaCl, It contains two chemicals called Sodium and Chlorine.

These chemicals are poisonous when they are on their own. But when they are combined together they become your table salt with preserving properties which is used to preserve food and make it taste good. Now you cannot do without salt.

This is what the Jews learned from it when they read the same bible. Salt is like people. People are different and Phycologist have worked out sixteen personality types and every human been fits in one of these personality type.

Some of these personality types on their own can never get much done in life, especially in business. But combine them together with another person with another personality type then boom, both of them become a majestic business machine.

Think of Bill Gates and Paul Allen and Steve Ballman, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google. Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It is a long list. In Nigeria people prefer to work alone.

The Jews realized that most things in nature on their own DON'T work well. It is when you combine them with something else that they become desirable and potent.

Take the stainless steel. It is 18% chromium and 8% nickel. that is what make your spoon looks good and shining. But an iron spoon will not work. It will rust away.

Concrete slab is made of Cement, Water, Iron weaved together. Why? without the iron you will have a very strong slap that is not flexible so it will break. Iron provides the flexibility to the concrete. It is like a relationship. Please don't marry someone like you. bad idea. You may not be able to live with yourself.

See all around you. The clothes you wear, the food you eat and your electronic devices. They are all made by combining two or more elements which on their own seems useless.

It is the combination of elements that makes human, like God. That is why the bible said God created us in his own image. Because he created us with the ability to combine things. Because we couldn't create things out of thin air he gave us all the elements we need so we can study them and combine them to create new things. Humans are still looking at how to combine more elements from the periodic table to make better products to serve humanity.

To the Jews people, He who can combine these elements to form new brilliant products that will serve humanity well are the ones that get riches. That is the secret of the Jews success. Meanwhile, most Africans are consumers. The consumer never gets rich. It is against the law of God.

It is the understanding of this concept by the Jews that make them very good scientist. You can teach your children this concept and they will be very brilliant scientist one day, better than any Jew out there. But how would you know when you were not thought. So the cycle of ignorance continues while we all wait for God.

Please go and get rich, I have given you the formula. Go and combine elements in the best possible way that will serve humanity and you will get rich. This is what most of the billionaires on earth are doing. Even the Chinese have just discovered this.

Africans have the ability to do this because they read the same bible, but most have just buried their talents and keep praying for God to help them to combine these elements to new products that will create wealth through miracle money.

Shame on all those waiting for miracle money.

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