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Keep Mobile Phones Away From Your Body, It Can Cause Cancer
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Mobile phone have changed our life but also have negative impact on us.

You must have read previous article that How mobile phone effect human body and health. In this article you will be came to know how mobile phone has changed human behaviour and effect to health and i had told you to publish an article on, "how mobile phone can cause cancer?" Lots of people have asked this question that "do mobile phone cause cancer or not?" People are afraid to use mobile phone for long hours.

So today, we gonna discuss all about how mobile phone related to cancer and answer all questions that is it true that using mobile phone for long hours can cause cancer. You must have read many articles on this topic but still confused. But after reading this article you don't have to be worry about this topic and get all knowledge.Read full article to get proper knowledge.

Do mobile phones cause cancer?

When we talk about cancer from mobile phones the biggest term comes that is radiation. And its true only thing that can cause cancer from mobile phone is radiation. Okay its true that some kind of radiations can damage DNA that can lead to develop cancer. But cell phone does not give that kind of radiation.Cell phones give and receive signals with cell towers using a form of radiation known as radiofrequency(RF) radiation.
Radiation is type of electromagnetic energy. Just think electromagnetic radiation as a wave, with certain frequency based on its energy. It is of 2 types:

Ionizing radiation: Electromagnetic energy that can knock out electrons is called ionizing radiation. and it can chemical bond's in your cells and damage DNA.It can cause cancer.

NON-Ionizing radiation: Electromagnetic energy doesn't have a high enough frequency to break chemical bonds is called non-ionizing radiation.It cannot knock out electrons from an atom. It can't cause cancer.
Lower the frequency less the chances of cancer and higher the frequency higher the chances of cancer.

Every country have lower the SAR value of mobile phone.
What is SAR value? Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a guideline created to measure the rate that body tissue absorbs radiation during cell phone use . The SAR for cell phone radiation was set at a maximum of 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body weight.

Now we can say that mobile phone cannot cause cancer but in case of brain cancer here we have to keep some points in mind. Studies showed that it can cause two types of brain caner gliomas and acoustic neuromas. Gliomas – a type of tumor that starts in the brain or spine are typically malignant and they are particularly deadly.

Acoustic neuromas – though non-malignant (low-grade cancer), are in many cases life threatening given that they are an intracranial (within the skull) tumor. Longs hours on calling or phone kept near head can cause these types of cancer. But its only studies not proved. But we should take measures and precautions.That are:
Don't use more than half hour a day on calling if so use earphones(but not bluetooth earphones).
Avoid making calls with your phone on your ear, make use of earphones instead.
Put your phone on airplane mode when you don't need it so much, don't take your phone to your bedroom at night or put your phone at air plane mode or put your phone far from your head.
Don't carry mobile phone in your pocket when not necessary.

In world more than 5 billion people are using mobile phones and making calls. I don't think even a million of people has got cancer from mobile phone. If mobile phone really hazardous for human being our government must have taken some actions as like tabacoo or cigarette.
So, you don't have to be worried about this. People do use mobile phones for 15 years and they go about daily with phone in hands, and to their ears when making calls and they are still healthy. You just have to take some precaution and nothing more. Just live your life comfortably and if you want to worry take worry of cigarette that really hazard to health.


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