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Introduction And Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation (seo) For Beginners
Most people uses the internet to make researches using search engines. Example of search engines are http://www.google.com , http://www.yahoo.com , http://www.bing.com etc.

When using these search engines, one would observe that, whenever you enter a search query in a search engine, you get related result as regard the quaried word(s). Don’t forget that we tend to visit the website listed on the first page of the search result . Have you ever wondered why some websites rank better and higher than the others? If yes, the reason behind this is known as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) .

How Is SEO Important?
The importance of SEO to a website or weblog cannot be over-emphasized. I guess you might be itching to know the importance, don’t be, because am going to describe it by outlining some of the negative impact of not making your site Search engine optimised.

1. Search engine spiders would probably not even crawl and index your website. This simply imply that your website is as good as dead

2. If your website is accidentally index by search engine spiders, your site won’t even rank highup at search result.

3. The amount or numbers of visitors to your site will be low. I don’t need to tell you what that implies.

4. Advertisers wouldn’t even consider doing business with your website as a result of low traffic emanating from lack Seo.

5. We all know the reward of labour is profit, in that sense, your site wouldn’t even generate revenue for you.

With the above write-up, i believe you will agree with me that having a website fully optimise for search engine is very important and must not be discarded. As time progresses, more in-depth insight about SEO will surely be expose to you. If you have a contribution or criticism, kindly comment below.
Thanks man

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