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How To Write A Simple But Quality Blog Post
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Everyday bloggers publish more than 4million posts to appeal their hungry audience. Some blog post comes thrilling at times, but not by chance. Any thrilling post you read is a product of a wise and talented blogger whose insight and decernment is been converted into a post.

But how does the thrilling or quality post comes about?
Simply put; the blogger knows what he was doing and how to do it well.

As a blogger you crave to make a unique quality posts that stand out to add quality to your blog and catch the interest of your had to satisfy audience. I'm going to give you some tips that when applied will help you do just that.

1. Make your post short: I know what it means to be a writer, you have a lot to write about, is difficult to keep a blog post short. And many bloggers may be tempted to write a very long post after reading a post of a Brittish or American blogger. They are awesome writers and their audience are eager readers too. Instead of saying "I am comming home tomorrow, a Brittish blogger might say: "Hey you there, know what? Maybe you aren't up for a surprise now! Ehm! Or are you ready? Don't want you to do much guessing work but i'm comming home, expect me tommorrow."
You can see the difference between that two statement. They are both saying thesame thing but whats the different is how they wrote it. A Nigerian will get fed up of reading that Brittish bloggers post because he wasn't straight to the point. Nigerians don't read long posts. Have that at the back of your mind when writting to nigerian audience. Keep the post as short as possible and straight to the point.

Discibe your post: While you keep your post as simple and short as possble remember to give your post a good discription. A good disciption often starts with a research work about what you are writing. For example scroll up and see how i started this post. The "more than 4million of posts" is a product of a quick research. Then talk little about the benefit of the content you wrote, and introduce the main contents with a question.

3. Accuracy and reliability: This is where most bloggers especially those that writes tutorials fails. They write without accuracy. They are writing the right thing but the point may be miseed due to inaccuracy. So try to explain exertly what you want your reader to understand even better than you understood because your readers have varrying comprehensive ability.
When making a research make sure you take information from reliable sources and it should be true and not misleading, if possible provide a link to the information.

4. Make your post readable: Balance you use of grammer and volcabulary. Avoid using words obscure to your audience. Your level of english does not make you a good writer rather it's your convincing ability. Use the language you audience understand better.

All this above points add beauty and uniqueness to your blog. So Continue to consider them when making your next blog post, you will surely catch those hard to find audience, above all you'll be thrilling them with the quality of your blog post.

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