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How To Install A T Part Wig Perfectly?
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we all konw that the T part lace wig is popular these days . the structure of the wig cap – the T part and lace only at the T section – the part line is fixed. So, you can't change up where it's parted. But despite that, you can still style this wig in a variety of ways, including curling, crimping, straightening, and dyeing. Here’s a question ,how to fit a t part wig perfectly?Although we’ve dicussed it before ,I think it’s not the best solution to the question ,yesterady I saw a article and can’t wait to share it with you.

1.Apply and match the wig part to your head.

Go ahead and fits your head to the tee the ear tabs actually and perfect, placing the elastic band portion around your head first and link of the slide to the back of the wig.

2. Cut off the lace , be sure to do it carefully .

Simply part by part with patience ,or it may be a regret .

3. Gule the perimeter .

Use some foundation to probably tint it, you can just put a little bit of foundation either underneath the wig or right on the top around the hairline area and it will help out with giving you security.

4. Pluck hairlineif it hasn't been well plucked

Using a squeezer to plucking clear demarcation line a clear space between the rest of the hairline and the baby hair to make the T part wig more plucked.

If you don’t know how to pluck this unit, just leave a clean space between the hairline and baby hair place.

5. DON'T forget the baby hair.

This is like a step that everybody may take when it comes to installing the wig, some people may not like baby hair, may not be a part of the baby hair trend but this is going to be needed if you want to help your wig look a lot more natural.

6. Apply the powder along the perumeter and the parting

Use powder and place powder after the baby hairs between baby hair and the rest of the hair, this just kind of makes everything look like scalp, making everything look as if it is a little bit more plucked as you can see up close it looks a lot better a smoother transition from your face.

7. Apply some gel and use a hot comb to flat the front of your hairline and parting.

This may be something very small but it makes the world of a difference, it gives you that lifted growing out of the scalp type look rather than the hair just being flat and lifeless and laying all in your face and then hot comb the top of your hair flattening off your wigs that look a lot more flat, a lot more seamless and a lot more natural.

The rest of the install is up to you, the middle part wig ,you can do any style you like.


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