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How To Get Free Spin, Coins, And Free Hint On Word Trip Game
Word Trip Is a puzzle game that tests your vocabulary, spelling, word finding and puzzle solving skills with about one million downloads from playstore

But when playing you may have reached a certain level that is more difficult hard to find out the hidden words. Don't even worry as soon as you finish reading this article your problem is solved right here right now because I'm going to show you how to get coins, spins, and even free hint with just one click all for free without spending any dim. this sounds good right? alright let begging

How to Get Free Spin Within 3 Second

To get a free spin is just a simple thing even a 7 year old child can do it because of it simplicity

All you need to do is to open your word trip game and start using the spin if you have any. After you have finished them you will see a time given to you for a next spin to be given to you
When your spin finished you need to wait for about 6 hours

Just simply go to your phone settings and increase your phone time to reach the time given to you for the spin to be gifted for you but some android phone you may find it difficult to change time just simply go to settings >> date and time >> Automatic date and time , off it

Then add 6 hours to the time and go back to the word trip game. You will found out that you have been giving a 1 free spin

You have been giving a lucky spin

How to Get 4 Free Spin Within a Minute

It's an easy methods to get it also. Just follow exactly the above steps but this one you are not increasing the time rather the day

Add one single day then go back to your word trip game and you will get 4 Spins instantly
How to get free 4 spin in word trip game

How to Get 5 Spins Plus 1 Hint Free

The steps in getting the spin are all the same just that the day you are changing now will be plus 2 days

Add two days to your phone date then go back to your word trip game and you will be give 5 spins plus one game hint.

How To Get Free Coins

There are only two ways that you can get a free coins

First one is by signing in to the game with your facebook account

To sign in simply tap on "loging and play" if you have a facebook account on your Android phone it will automatically login and load your name just tap on continue and you will be giving free 100 coins

Secondly is by playing the spins giving to you. Click on the spin icon on the top center when you are playing and start spinning lucky you will get free coins 2,4, and 6 .

You have lucky won a free coins

This trick may work on some other game which use spins to be given within times

source : https://www.nairatechs.com.ng/2018/03/wo...-hint.html
Does this work in this web?
Nice one ?
@Salim@fermot is asking a question now

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