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How To Dye The 13x4 Lace Wig?
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We've talk about how to prepare before dyeing the 13X4 lace wig. I think You must prepare well for the dye ,now let's dye the 13X4 lace wig. It is always advisable to test a small strip before you actually dye your entire wig.

Let’s delve into these steps.

1. Prepare the lace front wigs human hair

Firstly, Wash the 13X4 lace front wig thoroughly ,then let it dry completely. If you can’t air dry it, you can use a blow-dryer instead, with moderate heat. Then brush your wig to remove all tangles. Start from the ends as you move upward.

2. Apply the wig

Take your clean, dry 13X4 lace frontal on a protected, flat surface. This will enable you to distribute the coloring evenly. You can also secure it on a mannequin head.

3. Put on the gloves and mix the hair dye

Wearing gloves is crucial when using hair dye as it can protect you from touching your eyes, which may lead to irritation. It can also help keep your hands clean throughout the process. Mix the hair dye in a bowl according to the instructions given on the package.

4. Apply the color to the wig

Once you have prepared your mix and worn gloves, it is time to apply dye to the wig. The best way to do that is to place the wig on a mannequin head and use the hairbrush to apply the dye. For best results, make sure all strands of the wig are covered. Remember to keep the color away from the hair knots of the wig and the wig’s cap.

5. Wait for half an hour

To have a better look , you'd better let the dye rest on the wig for some minutes for half an hour. But better no more than an hour. You can also soak the wig in the dye mixture.

6. Wash the wig

Remove the wig from the mannequin head and wash it with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. This shows that there are no traces of dye remaining in the wig. Apply the after-dye conditioner and leave it on for the length of time stated in the package, then rinse the wig thoroughly.

7. Dry it

Take your wig and put it on a towel, and blot to remove water that might still be trapped on the wig. Then place the wig back onto the mannequin head and comb through evenly. Allow the wig to air dry thoroughly.

By dyeing your 13X4 lace front wig the right way, you can extend your wig’s lifespan and reuse it more times. Besides, dyeing your human hair wigs a home will not only save you more money, but it will also save you the time you could have drove to the salon to have the wig dyed by your hairstylist.

Well ,If you think it's not too esay ,you can turn to the barber for help or just buy a one at ruiyuhair wig shop.


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