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to characters leeuwe draw anthropomorphic how by mitch

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How To Draw Anthropomorphic Characters By Mitch Leeuwe
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[Image: 8dcb12abd97bcc4081f7281428d8aa85.png]
pdf | 35.74 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-0997799378 | Author: Woo! Jr. Kids Activities | Year: 2017


Quote: A Children's Drawing Book for Creative Kids
#1 Best Seller in Conceptual Arts and Children's Drawing Books
This bestselling step-by-step drawing guide is essential for all kids! With 365 things to draw for every day of the year, kids will be entertained while learning a new skill. The Drawing Book for Kids makes learning how to draw easy ! Turn creativity into ability. The activities in The Drawing Book for Kids book help kids turn their love of drawing into skill. With tips on how to draw, easy techniques, and tons of ideas, soon they will be able to take their creativity to a new level. If your kids are fascinated by art, sketching, or just want to learn how to draw cute illustrations, this book provides easy drawing ideas step-by-step!
A step by step drawing guide for every interest. Whether you're looking for gifts for girls who want to learn how to draw cute things, or boys who love cartoon drawing, this book is filled with possibilities. It contains 365 things to draw every day for an entire year-animals, objects, food, plants, vehicles, sports, holiday symbols, and more. Every activity is like a mini lesson in art for kids, broken down into simple steps so that all budding artists can create a masterpiece. With easy instructions for step-by-step drawing, kids can turn their creativity into artistic confidence.
Inside, kids will find step-by-step drawing instructions and learn to draw things like:

[*] Objects in nature like animals, trees, waterfalls, leaves, and flowers
[*] Guitars, pianos, harps, and other musical instruments
[*] Sporty items like footballs, tennis rackets, and baseball gloves
[*] Robots, mythical creatures, holidays, cartoons, people, and more!

If you're looking for easy drawing books, children's drawing books or step by step drawing books for kids 9-12 or 6-8-like How to Draw Cute Stuff or How To Draw Almost Everything for Kids -you'll love The Drawing Book for Kids.

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