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a olayode juliana baby 4 true story rebirth by life toyo episode

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[story] Rebirth _ A True Life Story By Olayode Juliana (toyo Baby)_episode 4
(6k )

Sarah David and I started getting close. One day
after church, Toyosi, my best friend, and I, stopped by at Sarah’s house.
Sarah had a very cute elder brother, Daniel, that Toyosi and I started crushing on from the
very first time we saw him. It was a pleasure knowing Sarah’s family. Her elder
sister was very beautiful and most surprising was their mum. She looked way younger than
her age. Sarah’s mum served us rice and stew that
afternoon. I honestly did not recover from that tasty meal in a while. I kept asking Sarah
when next her mum would cook rice and stew again. We would laugh about it. Sarah was like me, in that her parents too were
separated. But unlike me, she lived with her mum. And for the first time, I found
someone who could relate with me and understand how I felt. She lived with her dad and
stepmother before her mum came for her and her siblings, so she understood the
feeling of having a strange woman on your parents’ matrimonial bed. Toyosi was an
amazing friend, but she could not feel my pain as nobody can feel your pain like someone who
has been in the exact same shoes. On another day, Toyosi and I visited Sarah again
because we did not see her in church. On getting to her house, we discovered
she was sick. She had cramps and was throwing up. That was news to me. I did not
know what that was but Toyosi did. It was then it dawn on me that I was different from my
two friends. Toyosi and Sarah were already developing
breasts, but my chest was still flat. They were already menstruating. I was not. It got me
really worried and I wondered what was wrong with me. Month after month, I was
expecting blood, but nothing came. I kept looking at my chest and kept seeing the same
thing; nothing was growing out. It was a depressing time for me. I remember trying on my sisters’ bras at
different times. I would look at myself in the mirror to see how my clothes would fit or
what I would look like with breasts. I heard that there was an ant that came out at night, the
myth had it that if you put it on your chest and it bites you, your breasts would start
growing. Silly me! I did it several times and was bitten by the ant on those occasions. No change!I
was so worried I started feeling less of a girl. It
became a prayer point for me, such that when we were told to ask God for one thing,
it was either I was asking to start menstruating or I was asking for a change in my
‘chest status’. Toyosi and Sarah teased me on many occasions. They were wearing bras,
but I was wearing singlets. In the course of time, Sarah’s brother started
liking Toyosi and I was not happy about it. I cried my eyes out. I thought it was
because I was the flat-chested one with nothing at the back either. I was shapeless,
compared to them. I started picking up unnecessary quarrels with them. My self esteem
was crumbling, but it was not obvious to them as I put up a strong façade in public. Toyosi and Sarah played important roles in my
childhood. We share many memories that the pages of this book cannot
accommodate. We cooked, fetched water, went to church, and did other things together. We
sometimes chose dress codes for Sundays, did same hair styles and even wore
each other’s clothes. With time, thankfully, I took my mind off my flat
chest. Then one day, as I was with my friends, Toyosi pointed at my chest and asked
me a question. I looked. Lo and behold, they were there! I am giggling now. Toyosi Oyesile gave me my first bra; she gave me
from the ones her mum bought for her but were too small for her. And that was how
Juliana Olayode was inducted into adolescence!



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