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a olayode juliana baby true story rebirth by life toyo episode 3

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Rebirth _ A True Life Story By Olayode Juliana (toyo Baby) - Episode 3
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REBIRTH _ a True life Story by Olayode Juliana (Toyo Baby) - Episode 3

My dad allowed us spend time with family when
we were on vacation. It was something we looked forward to. We chose who
we wanted to visit, and most times, we visited Big Daddy, my dad’s eldest brother in
Ikota, or Aunty Bunmi. Both places were always fun for us. In Big Daddy’s house, we were as free as birds.
I enjoyed following Big Mummy to the market, as I got compliments from people. I
also enjoyed staying with her in the kitchen while she cooked. As she cooked, she
usually gave me what she was cooking to taste and you can imagine how exciting that was
for me. Big Mummy would bath for Samson and I on such
visits and serve us large portions of food. It was with her I got to like yellow Ghana
buns and Kunu. It was always fun at Ikota. I would make sand castles and just play all
over the place. My cousins, Aunty Toyin, Uncle Yomi and Aunty Bukola were very nice and
easy to relate with. And for the first time, I saw another fair person in my dad’s
family; Aunty Toyin. We got very close and she usually spoiled me with a lot of gifts. Whenever we got home, after a visit to Ikota, we
had little else to talk about than our time there. My sisters would call Unoma, Chika
and other friends in the neighbourhood to tell tales, especially tales of boys they met at
Big Daddy’s place. Aunty Bunmi’s house was also fun. She is Big
Daddy’s first born and was already married as at then. Her house was almost always
full. If we did not go to Ikota during holidays, then we were at her house. Her
children were young like I was then. Tosin, her first child, is about my age, Dami, is Samson’s
age, then the last two; Tobi and Ope. The most interesting part of our visit with Aunty
Bunmi was the TV part. We did not have DSTV in our house, but they did. We
watched a lot of cartoons there. I think my favourite at that time was Power Puff Girls and
my brother’s was Power Rangers. My sisters watched a lot of movies when they came into the
living room. It was my first time knowing I could watch several movies without
buying CDs.

It was at her house I watched the movie, Sound
of Music, for the first time. It was a very emotional experience for us; we all
screamed that day at the end when
Captainmarried Maria. I remember teaching the
high school movie songs, and cartoon songs to my friends in the compound when I got back
home. I always felt more intelligent and better exposed than my neighbourhood friends
whenever I returned from such visits. We had just returned from one of our trips to
Aunty Bunmi’s house, when we entered the house and saw a pot of soup. It was
very unusual as dad never cooked while we were away. If at all he did, nothing much like
what we saw in the pot. His clothes were washed. There was just
something different about the house we met. We wondered if he hired someone to do the
chores for him, but we doubted so. We knew our dad’s routine. He worked on the
Island so he left home as early as five every morning, returned not earlier than 10:30pm,
complaining of traffic, and exhausted. Many times, he slept off while eating. It was only
on Sundays he stayed home and he slept for long hours on Sundays. We were sure the
transformation in the house was not his doing. While we were still in shock, Unoma and Chika
came in and started telling my sisters all that happened while we were away, as usual.
According to them, a dark-skinned woman had been coming to the house and
sometimes had stayed overnight. My sisters and I refused to believe what we heard. What strengthened my faith was it had been a
while since my dad and mum separated, since I was in Nursery 2. And since
then, my dad’s friends, when visiting, had told him to remarry, but he kept saying he would
not, that he had five wives already, referring to his five daughters. He said he did not
want any woman who would maltreat his children in his absence. He said this over and
again to his friends. I knew this because like I said earlier, I was daddy’s girl. I was with
him during these conversations. I hated his friends and wished they would stop
visiting. I told my sisters someday about their ill advice to dad, but discovered it was
no news to them; they had been eavesdropping. We further disliked them because
they always made my dad spend. Whenever they came, he would ask us to get
them drinks and tell my sisters to cook for them. While the food was being prepared, he
would ask us to buy fried turkey from Mama
Unoma’s restaurant. We hated the sight of
them. There was a day dad was very tired and had not
had enough sleep. He told us to tell anyone who came looking for him that he was
not home. Coincidentally, his friends came that day. With joy in our hearts, my sisters and I
chorused, “he is not around!” That day, we felt triumphant. But we never told dad they
came or he would have been upset. He liked his friends being with him. So, knowing how much his friends meant to him,
and seeing he had defied their suggestions time and again, we were certain
what Chika and Unoma told us could not be. We pushed it aside and told them stories of our
visit with Aunty Bunmi. One night after, however, my dad woke us up.
That was the first time he would be waking us up at night. He told us how he had
stayed five years without a wife and now he had found a good woman who would not
maltreat us, who would treat us like her own.

He said she already had a son and that in a few
days, she would be coming to live with us. I still remember the upset on my sisters’ faces.
He promised we will like the woman. We cried and pleaded with him, telling him we
were fine without her, but he had already decided. Some days after, he returned home
early, took a shower and stepped out almost immediately. Without a word to anyone, he came
back some hours after with the dark- skinned woman the neighbours had told us
about. She came in all smiles and met all frowns. I was upset. My brother just stared. We were all
quiet as she made her way in. My dad wondered why we did not greet her, so he
demanded that we do. We did. Shortly after, he did the introductions; introducing her as his new
wife and our step mother. He told us to respect her as we would our mother. My dad told us he had not been accepting
contracts outside Lagos because of us, but that with this new development, his heart
was at rest and he would begin travelling again. He informed us that his new wife had a
shop where she sold food stuff and we would be expected to help out at her shop every
now and then. He asked us to treat her son, Peter, like a brother. His speech that day
was very long.I am not sure Adetutu and Bose
slept that night as I kept hearing their voices,
even in my sleep. I could not hear all they said; they
were not so audible. I was not happy that my dad now had a new wife, but I knew there
was nothing I could do about it. Dad had made up his mind. The experience with my mum
leaving had taught me that. It was now confirmed beyond doubt that my mum was not
coming back. I was afraid though. I had read a lot of stories
about step-mums and the stories were not pleasant at all. About that time, I had a best
friend, Toyosi Oyesile, so I decided I would tell her all about it in church the next day. So, during Sunday School the next day, I started
whispering to her, but she could not hear me clearly. While trying to be louder, our
Sunday School teacher noticed us and separated us. That same day, we had a
newcomer in church, someone who would
become a major part of my life in later years. She was fair
and pretty. She was told to introduce herself and she did. She said her name was Sarah
David. I was confused when I heard her say that as I expected her surname to be an
indigenous name. She was the first person I was getting to know with both names non-
indigenous. After the service that day, I walked up to the new
girl, Sarah, and introduced myself. She was shy. We didn’t talk much before I left
her and went to speak with Toyosi. When I disclosed the news to my best friend, she was
shocked and did not believe me at first. I had to convince her I was not kidding. Because
of our closeness, she had become close to my dad too. She wanted to come home
with me to ask him. I would have allowed her, but I was not sure what my dad’s reaction
would be. She did not have any advice for me, but it was good letting it out to a friend. She
asked if I had told Mummy Amanda. Mummy Amanda was a mother to many of us in
church. She was there for my siblings and I when my mum was away. Mummy Amanda gave us money and gifts at
different times; lightening our burdens. Her husband worked in Cadbury then,
so at the end of every month we enjoyed a lot of Cadbury products. So, yielding to
Toyosi’s suggestion, my sisters and I went ahead to tell Mummy Amanda.She did not believe
us as she was one of those praising my dad for
not remarrying and also hoping for my mum’s return. When
she finally did believe, she counselled us. She told us to make the process easy on our dad
and his wife and asked us to pray for them. Back at home, my sisters did not like our step-
mum and they did not hide it. I did not like her coming to take my mum’s place, but I
guess my little child’s heart did not take it as personal as my elder sisters. The news must have gotten to my mother. I was
seated with Samson in front of the house one afternoon, doing my assignments,
Adetutu was in the kitchen and Bose was tidying up the house when we heard people
screaming our mum’s name outside the gate. Samson and I ran out. When we got outside, we
saw mummy in Mama Unoma’s embrace, kids from the neighbourhood flocking
around her. I jumped on my mum and she whispered to me, “you’re already getting
old”. I smile now as I remember that. After the drama outside was over, we led her
into the house.We had missed her as it had been a while we saw her. We gave her
updates as usual and broke the news to her. She said she knew. She said she had been hoping our
step-mum would be home when she came; my mum wanted to meet her. Her eyes
teared up as she spoke words I would never forget. “So, Kola moved on without me!” She said if anyone had told her that her husband
would remarry or that they would be separated, she would have dismissed the
words confidently. My siblings and I joined her as we all wept. When she had gathered her
emotions, she comforted us and told us God would watch over us and she prayed God’s
provision for daddy to keep providing for us. My mum is a natural peacemaker. She never
wants to be in strife with anyone, so she told us to be at peace with our step mother and
promised to check up on us from time to time. She gave us money and provisions. She
then prayed for us, as usual, and reminded us to call her if ever there was an urgent need. Things were not the same any more. I could not
sleep in the room with my dad. Icould not sleep
on the same bed with him. I could not eat with
him any more. No more cuddling. My dad spent more time with his new
wife. This made me jealous and angry. But eventually, I got used to the development. Samson and Peter, my step-brother, started
getting along well. They played, talked together and even slept side by side. My dad
could not hide his joy at how the two boys were getting along. If my dad was happy, then I
was somewhat comforted.

I dey enjoy this thing o

Really? @flexible


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