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accurate accuracy measured is google how translate

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How Accurate Is Google Translate: Google Translate Accuracy Measured
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How accurate is Google Translate: Google Translate Accuracy Measured

Google Translate has over the years improved on what it used to be, infact, to an extent this extremely useful Google Tool has been able to build bridges across major languages in the world like; English, French, Spanish e.t.c. Today, it is easy to communicate with a friend you met on social media who speaks and understands only French by translating his messages on Google Translate to Englisgh or any language of your choice.

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What is Google Translate?
How Google Translate Works
How accurate is Google Translate

Who knows, you can decided to pretend you understand and speak French. Double thanks to Google Translate and its inherent capabilities. And of course, we find it fascinating, isn't it?

Be that as it may, Google Translate as we all know isn't hundred percent accurate and this is not to talk down on it or undermine its translating prowess. It is one of the best language translator out there, if not the best. Some experts say Google Translator is around 50,60,70 or 90 percent accurate. Well, you have got to read this article to the end to find out for yourself.

What is Google Translate?
Google Translate was lunched on the 28th of April 2006, according to Wikipedia it was initially lunched as a statistical machine translation service, it used United Nations and European Parliament documents and transcripts to gather linguistics data. Rather than translating languages directly, it first translates text to English and then pivots to the target language. In most of the language combinations it posits in its grid, with a few exceptions which includes Catalan-Spanish. Credit: Wikipedia.

Google Translate Accuracy
How Google Translate Works
One of Google Translate initial problems or issues was with translating languages with completely different word order. With its original statistical model

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