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heard about you false have pregnancy?

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Have You Heard About False Pregnancy?
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You’re exhausted, your breasts are swollen, You have headache, you feel like vomiting? You pee all the time, you experience waist pain?

You feel some excitement in you? You talk to yourself, yes, “e don enter”
Could I be pregnant?
Then Urine test shows Negative. You talk to yourself “lai lai”
You go to the hospital for a blood test and the test result is NEGATIVE.
You feel so bad.
Where all the symptoms came from?
It is called False Pregnancy?
When a woman feels an intense desire to get pregnant, which may be because of infertility, repeat miscarriage , impending menopause, or a desire to get married, their body may produce some pregnancy signs (such as a swollen belly, enlarged breasts, and even the sensation of baby kicking).

The woman's brain then misinterprets those signals as pregnancy, and triggers the release of hormones (such as estrogen and prolactin) that lead to actual pregnancy symptoms.

It is ONE way your hormones and body work together to give you what you desired so much but unfortunately this is FALSE PREGNANCY.


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